Wordapp Exclusive Workshops


to source content and translation


In quarter 2, we are handpicking and training 200 clients to be the first to use the free version and self service version of Wordapp

Why Online Business Use Wordapp

50% Cheaper

Online businesses using Wordapp save on average 50% on their internal and external costs for content and translation

10x Faster

With 1000's of freelance writers and translators Wordapp saves you tons of time

100% Automated

Wordapp features 100% automated workflows including Plagiarism Scan and uploading texts to your site

Join Wordapp Workshops!

Mastering of our Wordpress plugin or API

Learn how to manage your in-house team in the free version of Wordapp

Setting up of templates and placing orders

Translating and rewriting your content


Wordapp e-Books


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Workshops will be running online and offline

We will contact you for additional details when we receive your registration      

You need a referral to join the exclusive workshops. Do not worry if you don't have a referral, free version of Wordapp will be open for public use soon      

Before workshop please see the checklist and prepare the steps


To join a workshop at our Istanbul office or at your location for 350 Euro (including hotel and training for 1-2 people) please contact us

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