Changelog - 13 December 2016 - Wordapp
Wordapp improvements

Changelog – 13 December 2016

– Writers can now only become an editor after Level 6. This means that 10 writing tasks have to be approved in order to see editing tasks at the task feed.
– Admins will be able to see all accounts after this update. Account creation page simplified while binding the created account originally to the user creating it. On the other hand, account creators can change the account owner during account creation.
– Project-edit and project-details page are merged while providing different user intervention rights with regard to on-screen elements. Large changes were made with regard to the general user interface of the new ‘Project’ screen. From now on publishers and project creators will see the same screen with all project related details on it. However only project creators will be able to change project related contents, publishers will only be able to watch their task status and task statistics. Project participants are still not shown to users with publisher rights.
– Project creators can now bind their projects to accounts which are available at account list library.
– Publishers can now change the status of approved tasks to ‘Published’.
– ‘Preview’ option is now available at task writing screen for all users including writers, editors and publishers. ‘Preview’ screen is based upon the final produced content output of each task. By using this feature, writer and editors are now going to be able to see the final output of their content building journey while publishers can easily have an idea about the real look of their tasks after publish.
– Maximum and minimum size rules for image uploads are now available for users. Rendered width and height of uploaded images are now limited in order to provide a nice output for the end user.
– Mockup prepared for the balance page. Total, pending and withdrawable transaction items for each user are separated under an accordion content wrapper with a new outlook.


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