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What Type Of Content Jobs Are Available In Wordapp?

Wordapp is not only a word-processing app for eCommerce, it’s also a jobs marketplace. Once you sign up, you’ll have access to content writing and editing jobs in more than 25 languages. Whether you are a professional content writer, editor, or an amateur skilled in your native language, there is something for you. You’ll have access to product descriptions, blogs, category descriptions, and reviews, to name just a few.

How Does Wordapp Work For Content Jobs?

Once you have signed up to become part of the Wordapp crowd, you are taken through several lessons that teach you about the platform, and what to expect from the content jobs as an editor or writer. These lessons are designed to give you an overview of life with Wordapp. There will be opportunities to join a language specific Facebook community, connect with HQ on Skype, and attend webinars that will help further your knowledge of content creation. Next step is to browse your task feed and pick texts that suit your preference. The longer you are with Wordapp, machine learning will recognize the tasks that you choose most often and modify your task feed to prioritize these.

How Do You Get Paid For Content Jobs In Wordapp?

All tasks are outlined for you in the task feed. From the overview, you will see the keywords to use, the persona that you should use to write, and the exact amount you will be paid for completing that task. No longer will you have to bid on content writing jobs in the vain hope that you will win work. You will also have access to a live balance calculation, that sits on the top right-hand side of your personal page. This live balance is automatically updated every time you complete one of the content writer jobs or editing jobs.

Content producer jobs are out there for you to find if you know the right places to look. But, are any of them as easy as the ones at Wordapp? Absolutely not! No other platform or marketplace can guarantee work, guarantee payment, and provide such an innovative and community orientated workplace. ” Content writer jobs remote ” is one of the most searched keywords on Google. Wordapp caters to all freelancers, whether they work from home or are adventuring their way around the world. Wordapp is perfect for any kind of freelancer because the work is regular and the pay is always on time. Balances over 50 euros are paid out weekly, while anything under this amount is paid monthly.

Qualifications To Become A Freelance Writer In Wordapp

Content creator jobs often come with strings attached. The most common string you will come across is the need for experience, samples, and references. This is ideal for freelancers who have been in the business for a long time. But what happens to freelancers just trying to break into the business? Wordapp is what happens for them. At Wordapp, the only qualification needed is that you are native and fluent in the language you choose to write and edit in. Content editor jobs are available as frequently as content writer jobs, and because of this, it is essential that you are comfortable with all of the nuances of your language.

Remote content jobs are also suited to people who are off on an adventure and want to leave home with a secure job that they can take with them. A job that is guaranteed to pay every week or month. Content writing jobs online with Wordapp can be of great comfort to a wide variety of freelancers. All of the boring administration and technical research is done for you. What this means for you as a freelancer, is that you are being paid to do the job that you are passionate about. There are none of the other tasks that generally go unpaid like keyword research, tendering for work, and invoicing.

Live Anywhere As A Freelance Writer Working On Wordapp’s Content

Content writing jobs from home are perfect for parents who want to work, but can only do so around pretty strict schedules. Wordapp lets you work when and how much you want. No bosses are breathing down your neck about deadlines. Simply choose tasks to complete when you have the time and forget about it for the rest of the time. With all normal content writing jobs online, there are strict deadlines that you have to adhere to. At Wordapp you do not need to be burdened with them, but you are limited to 24 hours to complete a task. If you cannot do this, the task automatcially goes back into the pool of jobs and another freelancer will complete it.

Remote content jobs and content writing jobs at home without the administration, without the deadlines, without the technical research — can you think of a better job as a freelancer or an average nine to fiver? That is what you are signing up for at Wordapp. We pride ourselves on our innovative platform and process. We also value our writers and editors and long to be a piece of the puzzle that helps you to fulfill your dreams. Whatever those dreams may be, we can provide work that is flexible, enjoyable and pays on time.

Welcome To Wordapp, Your Content Job Search Is Over!

Google ” content writer jobs ” and I can guarantee that there will be a multitude of job opportunities that sound too good to be true, and generally they are. Our freelancers have come from all walks of life, from all over the globe, and they all have one thing to say in common. “Thank God I found Wordapp!” There is no other freelancer platform for content creator jobs out there that will make you feel as welcome and valued as Wordapp. That’s because we know our crowd of writers and editors are the best. You are experts in your field and we treat you as such.

Getting started at Wordapp couldn’t be any easier. You simply visit our website and login with an email address or your Facebook account and start working. All tasks are displayed for you in the Taskfeed. We use a template system to create all texts, making the actual content creation as streamlined, easy and fast as possible. We use a leveling system, based on the Fibonacci sequence, to ensure that new writers are not delivered tasks that are above their comfort level. We also provide you with a dedicated coach to help you get started in your Wordapp career. So whether you are looking for content writing jobs online or remote content jobs, Wordapp is the place where you can monetize your language assets.

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Are you passionate about language and words? If you have a flair for writing product descriptions, blogs, category descriptions, or reviews, then sign up today. We are eagerly awaiting you to signup with Wordapp and look forward to welcoming you. Complete our intoductory lessons that will highlight the main features of Wordapp and then you are ready to write. We know you will fall in love with our platform immediately. Check out a few texts, head over to the Facebook page, and get in touch with other community freelancers. If our platform doesn’t impress you enough to keep you coming back, the quality and entertainment of our crowd will!

Wordapp is not only an online word-processing platform, we are a job marketplace and a hassle free world. Freelancing can often be a very lonely job, regardless of where you choose to work from. There is usually nowhere for you to communicate with other people about your work, your ideas or your questions. We have tried to minimize the stress that you feel as a freelancer with our easy to use template system, researched keywords, live balance counter, and regular work. This is why Wordapp is so different. We take freelancing very seriously, and as such, we value your happiness, success, and loyalty.

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