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Content & Translation Campaigns (Aug-2017)

Who doesn’t love a good campaign? Every month we run campaigns based on capacity and improvements.

English / Swedish High Capacity Campaign

For orders in English/Swedish over 5000 EUR, you now get standard 30% discount on the list price and guaranteed delivery within 14 days. We will expand this offer to other languages based on capacity in the near future.

Integration Incentive

For domains that are integrated with Wordapp (via our WordPress plugin or API), you get standard 20% discount on orders over 2500 EUR per language.

Loyalty Program

Wordapp is an extremely scalable content and translation solution, based on paid orders or deposits in the last 12 months you can get discounts on our list prices.

  • Bronze Status – 30k EUR – 20% standard discount on list prices
  • Silver Status – 60k EUR – 30% standard discount on list prices
  • Gold Status – 90k EUR – 40% standard discount on list prices
  • Platinum Status – 120k EUR – 45% standard discount on list prices

While we have your attention:

  • Wordapp is looking for developers to grow our existing core app development team in Istanbul, if you know anyone don’t hesitate to refer them!
  • We’re growing our crowd in Norwegian / Finnish and are looking for coaches, check our webinars for more information

Happy Wordapping!



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