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Looking For Content Writing Jobs: Take a Look At Wordapp

Searching for the right freelance jobs, pitching quotes and competing for work can be time consuming and exhausting. There is no guarantee of securing the work and no assurance of getting paid for it at the end. Writing content with Wordapp, however, offers something completely different.

Don’t Search For Content Writing Jobs Anymore!

Imagine opening your computer and finding a choice of work waiting, including exactly how much you will be paid for each task. Wordapp’s innovative platform ensures that happens for you every day. Even better, the machine learning employed means that it will be work that suits your experience and preferences. Plus, all the tedious administration work is done for you, feedback is given within 24 hours and payments are assured. The process to sign up is straightforward, and the system is so user-friendly that even new writers won’t have trouble navigating through it.

How Wordapp Is Better For Content Writing Jobs

There is no need to spend hours searching for content writing jobs online. Wordapp has already found the clients and established their needs. All the time wasting administration is handled for you. SEO keyword research, backlinks, HTML coding, all complete and set up in a template ready for you to get creative. Available tasks are shown in a task feed, and the only decision left is to choose which one you prefer and start writing. Create a perfect text using the provided rules and keywords and then submit it. An editor will check that everything is ok before it goes to the client. These are content writing jobs from home that allow you to focus on what you love – writing!

Wordapp’s unique platform also uses machine learning; which understands which specific remote content writing jobs you choose the most. This means that it can send you more work that you enjoy doing. You will also get fast feedback, with lots of support from the crowd and the chance to do some editing yourself, if you choose. Unlike most freelance work, your pay is based around the task and not solely on your experience, which means it is perfect for those looking for content writing jobs for beginners. If you love researching and have a passion for words, then Wordapp is for you.

Payment Process In Wordapp: Content Writing Jobs

The payment process is vital to everyone at Wordapp. No more working hard on the tasks you don’t get paid for like submitting invoices, or time spent tracking down your due payments. Your regular content writing jobs salary is assured. Every available task will show an exact payment and you are paid for every task that is approved by the Publisher. There are reports provided to keep track of all your text transactions and their progress. Which tasks you complete, how much work you do, and how much you earn, is entirely up to each person. You will always know exactly when and how much you will be paid for your freelance content writing jobs.

At Wordapp any balance above 50€ is paid weekly via Skrill. Any balance under this is carried forward to the next week, with any balance remaining paid at the end of the month. Keeping track of your content writing jobs at home is easy with the transaction list provided. There is even a live balance of your earnings, which shows you the withdrawable amount and how much is still pending approval. You will never again have to worry about being paid. There will always be work available, giving a level of control which allows you to budget effectively. This means that Wordapp is a great choice for a wide range of freelancers including content writing jobs for students.

Anyone Who Loves Writing Can Be A Writer In Wordapp!

Wordapp uses innovative technology to keep things simple, so you do not need to be an experienced writer to start. In fact, it offers the perfect content writing jobs for beginners. Anyone with language and research skills who has a burning desire to write can join the crowd. You can sign up via the website using either email or Facebook. There are a few simple lessons to complete so that you understand the platform; then you are ready to start writing. There are sample texts provided with each task and plenty of friendly support via live chat and Skype. Because of this, content writing jobs for freshers (as we like to call them) have never been so easy to find.

Typically, with any content writing jobs online, as a freelance writer, you are left to fend alone. However, all new writers with Wordapp receive individual coaching while you get to know how the system works. There are even Webinars to help with writing specific texts for high profile clients, making remote content writing jobs just so simple. The Wordapp system also utilizes a simple points system based on the Fibonacci sequence. Each completed task controls points, which allow writers to slowly increase their level as they learn. Each of these levels control how many tasks can be pending approval. Moving up levels then allows you access to bigger and better tasks and fun new projects.

Goodbye Office Jobs, Hello Location Independent Life

Content writing jobs from home are the perfect solution for a flexible lifestyle. The best thing about Wordapp is that you can choose which tasks you do and how much you want to work. There are no stressful project deadlines; you just have to complete a chosen task within 24 hours. Family and other significant commitments can come first, or you can earn extra income in the evenings or during the weekend. Blogs, e-commerce, product descriptions and iGaming content provide the bulk of the work. However, remote content writing jobs with Wordapp can be as diverse as writing a travel blog to translating a product description. It never gets boring, and it never feels like going to work every day!

Of course, undertaking content writing jobs at home does not mean that you have to stay on the sofa. They offer an entirely independent lifestyle choice. Working wherever you want is a huge benefit, and Wordapp means that you can take this with you wherever you go. Writers are free to enjoy travelling as they work and even fund the next exciting part of their adventure. Imagine the freedom of that. The friendly crowd at Wordapp come from across the globe, a complete mixture of language lovers, travellers and expats. Join us today and start enjoying the best content writing jobs online.

Creative Writing With Wordapp Is Simple, Flexible And Secure

If you love language, words and writing, then do not wait any longer. As a new writer, Wordapp can offer you the flexibility and independence that everyone yearns for. If you are already looking for a creative outlet for your soul or for content writing jobs online, then Wordapp provides stability and a regular income without all the usual stresses of freelance work. Writers are employed across 25 different languages, and beginners will feel just as much at home as the more experienced content writers. Join the content writing jobs from home revolution with Wordapp and see how having a freelance job that is simple, flexible and secure can change your world.

Often the biggest concern for people making a huge career change is that working on freelance content writing jobs can be very lonely, with no support when things go wrong. Not at Wordapp. Writers are always encouraged to provide feedback, and you are part of the team, not just a number. There is a friendly live chat available to help you every step of the way or to answer any serious questions. Skype, Facebook groups and blogs are there to connect you with other Wordappers and share your great experiences. Remote content writing jobs will never make you feel isolated when you are working with Wordapp. It is time to monetize your language assets and join the crowd today!

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Unlike other online job platforms, there is no applying and waiting for a job to come in. Wordapp has a feed of tasks that you can work on right away. Just complete your paid lessons, and if there are tasks available in your language, you can get right to work!
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