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If Content is King, Content Writing on Wordapp is King Kong.

Content Writing is the Engine of e-Commerce

What would Google, Amazon or any e-commerce site be without words? If you think about it, it would just be images, videos, and links. Actually, even though there are more words on the Internet than have been spoken by the human race so far, most of the content writing jobs are done in word-processing tools built for documents. That is until Wordapp arrived to revolutionize content writing.

Why Content Writing with Wordapp is Better, Faster and Cheaper

Wordapp has a brilliant team of writers and editors from all around the world, and together, we produce SEO friendly content which brings traffic. For a new writer, learning how to write texts that have the correct on-page SEO standard is tough. At the beginning of their content writing journey, writers usually spend a lot of time on their texts. With Wordapp, they are much faster from the start because we provide them with the right keywords. We create unique content in as many languages as you want, increase traffic and improve your marketing impact. It is fast, it is cheap, and it works.

Better Content Writing: Keyword Rules

Providing creative and precise copy for customers is one of the most important things for any online business. Nowadays, it not only needs to be readable on a computer screen, but it also needs to be optimized for mobile and clear for voice devices. Content should be high-quality and relevant, to drive real customer loyalty. Articles on blogs need to be directly targeted to readers and keep them coming back. Each new Google algorithm brings new challenges for SEO and different focuses on keyword relevance. All the content writing tips and content writing tools in the world just can not keep up. The answer is very simple – use real writers!

Here at Wordapp, we make things simple. Our content writing SEO experts will help with the keyword choice, frequency, and placement. Texts are then created in template form to your specifications, with subject headers, keywords and word count included. Specifically tailored for you. This makes it easier to ensure quality and control of the design and content. It helps to guide our writers to write creatively and produce compelling and unique professional copy. Our team is motivated every step of the process to generate a great result. Content writing services have never been so easy to employ.

Faster Content Writing: Integrates With Your Site

We produce credible content which will help to drive organic traffic, produced in over 25 different languages. All our texts are checked by Copyscape. It is then re-checked by a Wordapp editor before being forwarded to the Publisher. You can watch the live tracking of your order and authorize it once you are happy. Content writing for websites or content writing for blogs can then be automatically uploaded to your domains. All of this happens simultaneously, meaning that it is a fast process and does not take too much of your time. Most importantly, you stay in control.

Uploading the content writing for blogs or websites is simple and fast. With direct access to the Wordapp system, you can view each task whenever you want. A separate screen will preview your text and show you how it will appear in HTML code. If you want to make any changes, then the text is just returned to us for a swift response. You can download your whole order in one single click. Making life even easier, you can also connect your Domain to our API. Who needs content writing apps when Wordapp is hassle free?

Cheaper Content Writing: Best Prices

Wordapp services come with a very affordable price tag. Compared to the content writing prices attached to other methods, it is cheap and convenient. Great content is all about generating site traffic and retaining customers, and that is exactly what we are good at doing. Compelling, free service can never provide the readability or the compelling content that will drive real sales. Wordapp is compatible with all major platforms and can serve clients, publishers, writers, and editors simultaneously; not to mention we offer these content writing tools free of charge. The result is a user-friendly, seamless, fast and efficient experience. All of this happens without you even having to hire anyone!

No content writing software free download can beat Googles new algorithms or produce text that scans correctly to native speakers. Here at Wordapp, we use the Fibonacci Sequence to ensure that we have the best writers and editors. Machine learning then allows us to find a team that works specifically for you. Approved texts from a particular writer or editor earn points. Our system then instantly ensures that the same group is there for your next order. For freelance writers, our system is perfect. They no longer have to search for content writing websites that pay, to find work. They just log into Wordapp, and your task is there waiting.

Wordapp Also Offers Content Writing Jobs

We are always looking for more talented and creative writers and editors to join our happy team. Wordapp provides you with the work automatically, so no more need to spend hours looking for content writing jobs. Tasks are visible in your task feed, and you just click on the job of your choice and get started! They come in easy templates with the headers and keywords already added. This lets you focus on writing or editing some great creative and high-quality text. Content writing work is available in 25 different languages too.

Wordapps machine learning guarantees that you are given the best content writing freelance work. By filling out your preferences and starting to write actively, the algorithm will build up a profile of you. It will understand which tasks you like to write and also select those where the hourly rate is high. Points are also awarded for each task completed, and your writer level will increase as you get used to the system. This will allow you to access more complex tasks for higher levels of pay. If you are interested in content writing from home, with total flexibility, then sign up today. It is great fun!

Enjoy the Best Content Writing Experience

Look no further than Wordapp content writing services if you need SEO and mobile optimized text. Whether it is for e-commerce, revised catalog descriptions, interesting blogs or refreshing new content, we have it covered. Our team of talented writers, together with our groundbreaking content writing software are a powerful combination. Ensuring creative and optimized content for your online business has never been so easy and fast. And it is not expensive either. User-friendly and allowing you to manage and control the process, it does not come any better than this. The Wordapp team provides you with the ultimate service.

For freelance writers, Wordapp offers the perfect solution too. No more wasted time searching content writing sites for work, submitting quotes or competing against other writers. Guaranteed tasks are there to choose from, when and where you want. Work from the comfort of your home with hours that suit your lifestyle. Other content writing platforms can not compete with Wordapp. There is no need to do any administration, check keyword density or do any HTML formatting. Everything is presented in an accessible template format already prepared. All you have to do is get creative!

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Get freelance jobs without waiting or applying!

Unlike other online job platforms, there is no applying and waiting for a job to come in. Wordapp has a feed of tasks that you can work on right away. Just complete your paid lessons, and if there are tasks available in your language, you can get right to work!
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Formatting and rule system will make you a professional SEO content creator!

Writing and editing quality SEO content has never been this easy. With Wordapp’s content templates and SEO rule system, writers don’t have to learn technical SEO writing. And editors just have to edit the writing, not SEO compatibility.