Editor checklist for Wordapp editors


The Wordapp editor checklist

Work description: Your work is to edit the text, not only to proof it.

As a proofreader you would submit when the text is:

  • Free of ANY spelling mistakes.
  • Free of ANY grammatical mistakes.
"IMPORTANT POLICY NOTE: The publishers in Wordapp are nice people like you, but please note that there are NO SECOND CHANCES as an editor if you submit a text with spelling or grammatical mistakes. You will be DOWNGRADED with no chance of becoming an editor again."

As an editor, you only submit the text when it is:

  • Free of the above
  • Follows instructions (Template instructions, USP, Persona).
  • Flows: If you read it out loud it should be understandable without any weird sentence structures. TRY IT, it will become very clear when you can submit.

When to edit:

  • Scan it: Within seconds you should be able to see if the text is good or not. Then your job is simply to fix minor spelling mistakes and mostly grammatical issues.
  • More importantly edit sentences for higher readability, it should flow.

When to send back (teach):

  • Instructions not followed: They have probably not understood them. Explain CLEARLY what they have misunderstood, so they don’t repeat the mistakes. Send them the link to the sample.
  • Sloppy spelling: Point out that the spelling is poor and send them this link to install spellcheck.
  • Grammatical: Any language has common grammatical mistakes, Google the mistake and send them a link so they can read up.

When to flag:

  • The writer has not followed any of the feedback. Simply flag the text with #not improving and by checking in the reasons. We will then review it.

When to give a second chance:

  • If the writer is clearly trying to improve the text based on your feedback. You might decide to edit it yourself and submit or send back with: Great job, but…

About receiving feedback from publishers:

  • Always take an action on publisher’s feedback
    • Fix the text according to their instructions / feedback
    • Flag the task or contact us in the live chat if you don’t agree with / don’t understand the feedback explaining why you don’t agree so that we can review.

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