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This is probably the question we get asked the most here at Wordapp: how do I get more tasks? First and foremost, this is not up to us. Working with clients there are always ups and downs in demand, and taking on a big project means you can’t work with other clients. Luckily we have a solution. is not an agency, but our Elite Wordappers are.

They are trained in everything they need to know to run great content projects (including SEO, keyword research and optimizing websites for conversion).

The best thing?

Our Elite Wordappers have found a way to guarantee near-unlimited work!


Our Elite Wordappers run and monetize their own websites together with Wordapp. We provide all the expertise our team has built up over years of monetizing websites. This means Elite Wordappers can teach you how to do the exact same thing.

How does it work?

First, impress an Elite Wordapper. Elite Wordappers run all public tasks that require reward points to open. Deliver amazing quality content and engage with them in webinars to convince them you are a perfect fit to join their team.

Elite Wordappers have a monthly budget that guarantees them income but they are happy to share it with writers who make their life easier.  Instead of writing, the Elite Wordapper can spend more time finding clients or optimizing the site so that it generates more income (so that they have more budget the next month).

Does it even get better? Yes it does! Joining an EWA team is the first step to becoming an Elite Wordapper yourself as well. Where you get your own site(s) and your own monthly budget (guaranteed income).

All you need to invest is time

Learning what an Elite Wordapper knows doesn’t require money or anything special. It requires amazing writing skills and time to invest in learning all the skills you need to know. Our courses are a great starting point.

When you work on tasks that require reward points (or any tasks really) make sure you follow these rules:

  • No language mistakes; nobody wants to work with people where they have to fix texts
  • Great quality; we produce texts with a purpose – understand the purpose and write accordingly

Next to that, ask your Elite Wordapper how else you can help them in return for joining their team. Posts on your own site? Clients you can bring in? WordPress experience? Etc.

Get 8 FREE reward points by joining a webinar

Sign up and join our Webinar for native English writers each Wednesday or ask in the chat about webinars in other languages.



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