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Hi There,


Lately we have received a lot of requests for a renewal: the Quality Score.

That’s why we’ve prepared a short and informative compilation of important information.


Why changing the previous Level-System into the new Quality-Score-System?


We found out that the previous system in order to determine the quality of work by using levels is not a fair system, especially regarding the payment for the completion of work. Feedbacks which reached us from our freelancers pointed out that the work of an editor is sometimes very labor intensive, but paid worse than content writing. In order to fix that we invented a new system: the quality score.


What is the Quality Score?


The Quality Score is a measurement tool to determine the quality of the freelancer. Both the writing and the editing of the tasks are involved. To make the whole thing fairer, a task is seen as a whole, and the person who spends more time and more labor on that task gets a bigger share of the total price as a reward. Furthermore it is important to say that the scale ranges from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best possible rating. In order to achieve a score of 8 to 10, at least 95% -100% of the authored content must be error-free (including spelling and correct grammar) so that it can be edited and published without major effort. If content is written that needs to be corrected by the editors, an amount will be deducted from the task price and paid to the editor, and the freelancer will lose points in his/her Quality Score. We are sure that this is a fair and realistic way to quantify the quality of freelancers.


FAQ regarding the new Quality Score!


Does the new Quality Score make you cheat?

We can answer this question to 100% with “No”. Within our system it is not possible for Freelancers to manipulate neither the calculation of the Quality Score, nor the invoicing of the earned amount of money by spending inactive time in the task, they are actually working on.  Thanks to our “Workflow”-Tool, we are easily able to track the provided performance of every freelancer, and it doesn’t matter, whether it is content writing, editing or publishing the task. We at Wordapp will track this Argus-eyed.

How fair is it that editors and publishers do not send tasks back to the writer anymore?

It’s definitely fairer than it was before. Thanks to the new Quality Score System, freelancers are encouraged to do high-quality work. Thus, the editing and publishing areas are also becoming more attractive, as we had previously heard as a criticism that it was rather unfair that editing and publishing were worse paid compared to content writing. In addition, our customers demand a faster work process, which is why we’ve shortened the time a text is written, edited and published. Every project in which freelancers participate should be handled to the best of their knowledge and belief. The freelancers themselves must ensure that they do not deliver any erroneous texts. This also applies to multilingual freelancers.

How is the feedback so far regarding the new Quality Score?

With a few exceptions, the new Quality Score is received very positively by our freelancers. It has a very positive influence on the overall quality of the services provided, promotes customer loyalty and guarantees a fair way of paying freelancers.


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