The best leads for your business

Our unique lead as a service (LAAS) concept guarantees that you generate more business, regardless of industry and the size of your company.



Our unique lead as a service (LAAS) concept guarantees a minimum amount of leads each week.
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Exclusive Landing Pages

We build one or several lead generation websites for your services and business, generating 100% exclusive and highly relevant leads to you alone.

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Qualified Leads Guaranteed

You pay a fixed fee for a package of qualified leads, with a minimum number of leads guaranteed every week.

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It Scales your business

Too good to be true? Well it is actually not magic, we spend 50% on your subscription on ads and SEO and can therefore guarantee leads that helps you scale your business.


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Fit Park is getting qualified leads every day

İsa Kaman saved time with Wordapp LAAS


Find answers to your questions
Yes, actually we insist on having real images, videos and real customer reviews on your lead generation website. The more authentic the better for conversion.
Yes, but rebuilding (and improving) your current website is a different service from a lead generation website. Go here to build a new or rebuild a website.
Our clients typically select one of the lead generation sites that has already been built (and ranks). This site is then starts generating leads in less than 48 hours. For a custom lead generation site, please allow us 5 to 7 working days.

You pay for a fixed amount of weekly leads that we guarantee by combining high performing domains, SEO and paid ads on search engines and social media.

Further we always start a lead package on LAAS with the lowest package so you as a client don’t have to take a big risk if you are not happy with the quality of the leads for example. Please contact us to get references of other clients.

We can provide lead generation websites with guaranteed leads to all types of local service businesses, with a sufficient search volume and a Life time value of clients that is high enough. Examples of successful industries are health, real estate, construction, consultancy, dentists, craftsmen..

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WordApp LAAS

Wordapp LAAS for SMEs

Wordapp LAAS saves time and money to you offering sustainable growth.

Grow Your Business with Wordapp LAAS

Wordapp LAAS offers you targeted digitals ads and thanks to you can easliy convert your website visitors to customers.