Mobile SEO: The Key To Online Marketing Success
Mobile SEO For Targeting Millennials

Why Millennials Are Making Mobile SEO So Important

The millennial generation is driving the digital market forward. They are the most important demographic factor while making an online content strategy. With the internet spreading its wings and more people searching on mobile devices. Mobile SEO is the most important strategy for making the content mobile friendly. So, what is the difference between SEO and mobile SEO? The answer is very simple. Mobile SEO requires shorter keywords, and the era of long tailed keywords is quickly on the wane.


Optimizing The Content For Millennials

Research on millennials has found out that around eighty-five percent of the generation own a mobile phone. They are not only using the phone to make calls but also for searching for information and also for buying things. So the first mobile SEO trick is to make your website mobile friendly. Mobiles have a smaller screen, and thus regular sites will not show correctly or optimally on them. Thus, the websites have to optimized to become mobile friendly.

Smart phones with larger screens have made it easier to shop online. Now, there is no need to sit on a desktop or type on your laptop to visit a website. Smarter keywords choice make the difference between a great mobile website and a poor one. Smaller keywords which fit into the auto suggestion algorithm of Google is the way forward for online content, as the mobile savvy Millennials love it. It is the generation of instant gratification, and eCommerce sites have to get in line with this mode of thinking and living.

Make It As Simple As Possible

The mobile screen is small, isn’t it? This also means the attention span of the people searching on the mobiles is shorter. Hence a text requires to fit on the small screen and also be informative and entertaining. Make the information simple and let the most important pieces show on the home screen to be most effective. Also, keep the information crisp and include the keywords which are the most popular.

Another aspect which needs special mention is the oversharing factor. With free messaging services like WhatsApp and WeChat sharing information couldn’t be any easier. Considering this factor while designing the SEO strategy is essential for online success. Separating useful information from fun facts and at the same time joining them through keywords is required. One way to do this is to start a blog section which answers the casual questions, while the FAQ handles the serious ones.

Making The Content Easy For The User

Mobile users are distinct from people surfing the web on a computer. They tend to scan the web pages and read only the ones that strike them. They also switch to picture searching to get the information quickly. So making the content easy to scan can be the difference between a visit or a reroute. There are ways to make the copy scannable. Using defining bold headlines for each paragraph is one such technique. Using bullets is also very effective. All of these techniques make the user experience better, and attract more visitors.


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