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Questions we should have probably answered way, way sooner!

Question 1 – There were tasks, and now they are gone!?

Sometimes tasks ‘disappear’ – but not without reason 🙂

  • You might have reached the maximum number of pending tasks you can have in your level. Solution? Login again a few hours later and you should see tasks again! Deliver great quality and your level will go up soon.
  • It might be because of the limitation on the project, to make sure clients approve your texts fast there is a maximum number of texts that can be pending their approval. Solution: work on another project if they are available or login later and you will see tasks again!
  • Sometimes, there are really no tasks available. We are uploading new tasks every single day though, so simply login and check them out!

Question 2 – When do I get paid?

We pay balances over 50 Euro Fridays to Mondays every week, read more here.

Question 3 – how much can I expect to earn?

Initially, you won’t be able to earn much at all because of our level-system. Stated that you level up weekly, it will take you 4-8 weeks to become a level 10 writer or editor (where you could earn 100-200 Euro each week*) and another 16 weeks before you reach level 15 (200-500 Euro each week*).

Question 4 – What is the fastest way to level up?

Very simple, get started with your first 3 writing tasks and 1 editing task right away and try to level up each week. The rules are actually very simple, high-quality work gets rewarded with more work through leveling up. Typos or grammar mistakes virtually guarantees you not to level up.


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