Quality and Speed Improvements in Wordapp.com
Wordapp Improvements

Quality and Speed Improvements

We are doing some (huge) changes to increase delivery speed and quality within Wordapp.com. Besides improving the client experience, we aim to improve the experience for all Wordappers in the platform in the following ways:

Publishing and editing are much faster!

  • Elite Wordappers publish within 16 hours on average (you will be able to find the projects called “Elite”)
  • Manual publishing after 72 hours: If clients “forget” to publish the task gets assigned to the Wordapper with most “I love it” and the best Quality Score, for them to publish
  • Editors get 10 minus points on their editing level if a returned task is not processed within 24 hours

Did you know? You can communicate directly with the editor by using the ‘submit with message’ function in the dropdown next to submit

In the upcoming 2-3 weeks we will ask our most experienced editors to design 3 lessons that will be mandatory for all to take. They will include best practices like “submit with message”, what to do about typos and how to correctly make a case for grammar mistakes or why checking resources and the sample is your first thing to do in editing any text.

Editor wars

Editors take over the responsibility of a text once they submit to the client and therefore have the right to send back a text as many times as they want. That should obviously be within reason and we are currently reviewing editors and writers that start editing wars (texts going back and forth way more than the average), although each case is unique, we tend to block editors (and writers) that:

  • Send back and forth text because of technicalities (i.e one typo or a comma)
  • Are not helpful to each other
  • Have an above average of returns or re-submits
  • Are rude to each other (this is an instant block)

Publisher returns

We have also started blocking or giving minus points to editors and writers that have a high rate or returns in spelling and grammar from the client. Here we tend to block:

  • Editors: If they have more than 5% return rate for spelling and grammar
  • Writers: If their return rate is more than 5% for spelling and grammar from multiple editors
  • Editors: If they have a return rate above 15% on a running project
  • Editors: If they are not spending enough time when editing a task

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