Stay ahead of the game - Get notified!

Stay ahead of the game - Stay notified!

About receiving email notifications

We hate spam as much as you do! That is why we try to send our users as few needless emails as possible. But sometimes you have to be notified to stay ahead of the game. And by game, we mean monetizing your language assets! Wordapp does this by sending users email notifications about a task’s status.


For example:
  • Has one of the tasks you have worked on been returned to you?
  • Do you have tasks that are ready to publish?
  • Did one of the task that you sent back get returned to you with fixes?


We know you’ll want to know, because nobody wants to needlessly wait to finish their part of the project.

How to make sure you are getting notified?

You should make sure Wordapp notifications are delivered to your email’s inbox and not to a spam folder or some other place. Below are some commons ways to make sure our notifications get to the right place.

Gmail Promotions tab

If you use Gmail you may find that your are not seeing Wordapp email notifications. This is because they are being direct to the Gmail promotions folder. To see Wordapp notification in Gmail you to set them to go to your inbox. Follow the link to learn how to set your inbox to receive Wordapp notifications.

Read more about Google’s Promotions Tab

Spam folder 🙁

Despite our best intentions sometime our email notifications will end up in your emails spam folder. If you do not see notifications from Wordapp, please check your spam folder and mark Wordapp notifications as not spam.

Make sure Wordapp has your current email address

Login to and navigate to your Profile Settings. There you can make sure Wordapp has your current email account information. Update your email address there if necessary.

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