Website Manager to manage all your sites from one dashboard

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A Scalable Way To Manage Your Websites

  • Add unlimited websites for free
  • Monitor your websites from one dashboard, including latest content updates
  • Access 1000’s of freelancers to get new content, translations or other work done
  • Easily share access to your domains with your own team or clients.
  • Use third-party services like SERP tracking free or at a discount

Website manager by

Everything in one place

Connect to your apps directly in the Wordapp Domain Manager. Whether it is SERP tracking, analytics data or uptime tracking, you set it up in minutes and access it from one dashboard.

Wordpress Optimized

Add the Wordapp plugin for WordPress and automagically get and send data. Check content frequency, directly add keywords to SERP tracking or upload content seamlessly to your websites.

Your Team or The Crowd

Easily share access of your websites with clients, your team or Wordapp’s crowd of freelancers. Give temporary access to your site without sharing login data.

Manage and Monitor Your Websites From One Dashboard

Managing a domain usually consists of logging in to different apps and dashboards to see what is going on. If you’re anything like us and need to manage more than a few domains this quickly becomes a very complicated task. What’s the last time we added content to the site? Where are the login details? When is the domain expiring? With the Domain Manager you can manage and monitor your websites from one dashboard.

The Crowd or your own Team

The Domain Manager is more than just website management:

  • Use the Wordapp Plugin for WordPress to keep track of all the content on your site and when you or your team uploaded content last
  • Directly order content and translations from our crowd of freelancers or assign it for free to your own team
  • Approve the text in Wordapp and sent it directly to your website or schedule it to be published on a later date automatically
  • Create tasks for the crowd, like updating a logo, and give them temporary access (coming soon)

Integrated With The Apps You Need To Manage Your Websites

Footprint free Analytics from Slimstat

Access Slimstat Analytics data for all your sites in one place to track:

  • Visitors
  • Pageviews
  • Outbound links
  • And more…

Keyword Rank Tracking with SerpBook

Track keywords on your websites with SerpBook:

  • Add keywords yourself or automatically when you produce content in Wordapp
  • Import keywords from Yoast
  • Track mobile and desktop rankings separately
  • Pay only 5 cents/keyword/month or add your own account details

Whois Data

Tired of domains expiring? We were too. No more:

  • Monitor renewal dates in one place
  • Check where domains are registered
  • Manage your Whois data

... and that's just some of the features of the Website Manager



Coming soon:

Integrated email inbox

  • Create and access an email account related to your domain directly from within the website manager

Integrated phone number solution

  • Easily create and track a local phone number for your website

Advanced goal tracking

  • Set up goal tracking for all your sites with one-click. Count form submissions, incoming phone calls and direct emails.

Easily order follow-up content

  • Re-use existing texts to quickly build a template to order new content or a translation

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Who can see my domains?

This feature is being developed to include scheduled and task based sharing, user rights such as view only and auto login. Currently the domain owner and people you share your domain with can access your domains. During your onboarding, Wordapp admins also might have temporary access to your domains.

Why should I use the website manager?

The Website Manager will help you to manage and track relevant data such as who is data, SERP, latest content, visitors, goals, outgoing links etc for all your domains from a single source. Additionally, if you install our WordPress plugin you will be able to login and publish content from your projects without any manual work.

How do I install the WordPress Wordapp plugin(s)?

Go to your dashboard on your WordPress site, after that “Add Plug-In” under Plug-Ins and search for Wordapp. Install and activate it. For more detailed instructions and additional WordPress plugins that supports you can visit our WordPress checklist.

Which services and platforms will support?

Yes, we are working on supporting all major platforms and services, you can see the extensive list or suggest your own platform and service here.

How much does the Website Manager cost?

The domain manager and all other features such as the template builder or projects with your own team is 100% free, you only pay when you use the crowd or supported 3rd party services such as Serpbook, Zapier, Yoast, AI:s or Copyscape by either using your own subscription or by paying with your balance. Go to our price list for detailed prices.

What are your payment options?

We currently accept mastercard and visa along with paypal.

How can I contact you?

The fastest way to contact us is through the chat.

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