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Why e-commerce companies use Wordapp for website translation

The wrong choice of words for online content can cause confusion and result in lost customers. Website translation from Wordapp provide content that is clear, intuitive and responsive to SEO, SERP and User Interface requirements. Wordapp’s professional translators are fluent native speakers and are also experienced in the demands of writing website content. These essential skills, combined with software that seamlessly integrates with websites, are why e-commerce companies choose Wordapp.

How Wordapp makes website translation easier

Wordapp’s experienced developers have designed the way forward for online translations, easing the burden of companies seeking to expand their market into other languages. The innovative system is created to make efficient use of time and money and allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of what is being done at all times. Access to a pool of experienced native speaking translators provides not only quality translations but also ensures that the essence of the content remains the same. The system itself ensures the relevant SEO and keywords, essential for your website to rank, are incorporated seamlessly and accurately into the text body.

Website translation to enter new markets

When considering moving your brand into the international market, it is also essential that your website is country relevant. Translating only with machines does not accommodate the many language nuances and cultural mores. For example, in Turkey, they say “başınız sağolsun” when saying “sorry for your loss”. It literally translates as “health to your brain”, which is not quite the same sentiment! A translated text in today’s market needs to be creative and original, yet remain true to the source content. Basic website translation tools are simply not enough. Wordapp maintains a large pool of native speaking professional translators and writers, whose work is complemented by Wordapp’s website translation services.

Wordapp website translation online is fast, easy to use and keeps you in control of the process. The powerful workflow tool can integrate directly with your websites and approved translations can be then be instantly published. The website translation app, WordAPPI, is a new and exciting development which pushes the boundaries of quality translation even further. Utilizing templates, we guide writers and ensure that terminology is correct, that text is unique and that SEO and SEM content is responsive. The integrated system includes not only the professional translators and writers but provides automatic plagiarism checks and machine learning algorithms.

Ongoing website translation for e-commerce sites

Terminology is an essential part of any translation. Interpreting correctly the country specific acronyms and operational terms ensure that website traffic is maximized. Visitors want instructions and text to be user-friendly and this can often depend on the accuracy of the terminology. The Wordapp system can integrate with all content management sites (CMS), allowing seamless website translations in WordPress and many other platforms. You can stop looking around for the best website translation tool and start using Wordapp resources. Enjoy the benefits of WordAPPI in ensuring high quality and relevant content.

As an e-commerce site, you will want to optimize your content to generate more customers and more sales. Certainly, improving the CRO conversion rate is as important as driving traffic to your site. This is where an integrated website translation program helps. Translating the user interface, as well as the content, is not easy. It needs to be country relevant too, and online website translation is simply not enough. It requires a melding of expertise in SEO, SERPs and CRO, alongside creative content that is specific to your target market. At Wordapp, our crowd translation abilities and innovative developments can offer you all of this at a price that will make any budget manager happy!

Wordapp’s secret: Crowd translation made easy

Crowd translation is the process of a significant number of translators working on a project simultaneously. Popular within the social media network, translation of website content is often done voluntarily, limiting the standard of the work provided. At Wordapp, we can guarantee the professionalism and skill of our crowd. The secret? Website translation API, our application programming interface. It offers numerous discerning applications and tools so that we can apply protocols, guidelines, and allow communication directly to your domains. The protocols ensure that the quality of work provided always meets your required standard.

Wordapp is your answer to where to find the best website translation services. Wordapp gives you complete access to our crowd of experienced writers and translators. In a quick and easy format, everything is compatible with iPad and iPhone, as well as your PC. On our website translation app, tasks are assigned to specific writers, editors and publishers. SEO and long tailed keywords are already established, allowing them to focus on quality translations and content. Once finished, you can review and approve the work immediately on whatever platform you choose.

Website translation jobs

Finding work as a freelancer in the world of internet writing and translating is not easy. Finding website translation jobs with the assurance of getting paid can be a constant worry. Promoting your skills is costly and often time-consuming. Usually, more time is spent in the administration of the translation rather than the actual content. Wordapp is leading the way in making all of those irritations go away. The creative Task Feed makes life easy. When you sign in, you will see all the current work available and the payments for each piece of work. No more website translation free of charge!

“You get what you pay for” is a simple but true statement that also applies to the website translation services cost for any business. Elements that affect website translation rates can vary. You will find a number of pricing models and structures, from a flat fee to per page, per word, or per hour. It is not easy to obtain a clear figure for your budget. There are normally many variables involved, as each project has unique content and requirements. Wordapp makes the whole process easier. From the SEO strategy to connecting with the best translators for your project, all the costing is from one source.

Enjoy the best website translation experience

You have an open invitation to join the Wordappers crowd and see for yourself how easy it is. Wordapp is offering an awesome solution for all your e-commerce needs and website translation services. Optimize your website, increase your ranking and encourage more traffic to your site. Choose to translate your content in a professional and astute way. If you want to be a global brand, you will need to connect with your target customers and communicate in terms that they can relate to. At Wordapp, we provide the best website translation software solutions. That puts us ahead of the field in the administration of the content and allowing writers to focus solely on quality.

If you need multilingual website translation, look no further. In an International market, you will need to select languages with care to match the target audience, remembering that not all people in one country speak the same language. Next, you need to ensure that all your customers have a great user experience on your site. This is where native speakers combined with a learning website translation app is necessary. Wordapp offers all the solutions needed for language and content that will revolutionize your websites. All available in over 25 different languages.

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