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Word App

Why Word App, or even Words App for e-commerce?

You probably noticed that we wrote Wordapp in two words above. The reason obviously being that Word App, or Words App, has roughly 10 times more searches than just Wordapp. Well, on-page content is about generating traffic, and this is what we do. So, for the next 1500 words, and exclusively to this landing page, we will refer to ourselves as Word App.

Why e-Commerce Professionals Love Word App

As an e-commerce professional, you have likely already figured out that the primary purpose of this landing page is to generate traffic for the focus keyword Word App, along with about 25 related long tail keywords. This is in direct competition with Microsoft Word. Well, you will love to hear that although an SEO-specialist has done all the fun and core parts like strategy, the format of the content and the keyword research, all content that follows this paragraph and the rest of our landing pages have been written by the Word App crowd. After that, it is seamlessly uploaded upon approval (via mobile) through the Word App WordPress plugin.

Connect your eShop or Campaign to Word App Now

Whether you are an eCommerce site owner or an SEO consultant, check out the Word App download. Using this nifty little app will save you time and money, and that is the bottom line that we are all looking for. If you need content translated or content created; by signing up to Word App and utilizing our tool for content creation which is SEO and SEM optimized you will have people flocking to your site and making those conversions faster than you can imagine. The most important aspect of this is that once your content has been created, edited and then approved by you, you can seamlessly publish your new content on the WordPress app site of your choice.

Microsoft Word may very well be the people’s choice of where they write content, but if you are looking for the best word app, you have to come to us. Not only will this tool allow you to have content created or translated, but it will give you a crowd of people that can write and edit your content, so it is ready to upload immediately. With Word App a writer or editor spends all their time on writing and editing great content, not having to worry about all the admin that goes on behind the scenes. Even with the most current word app for Windows 10 systems you are not going to get that kind of treatment with Word!

Word App Mobile App – Everything at Your Fingertips

Is Word App free? The Word App application is freely available on all browsers. This means that no matter where you are or what device you have handy, you will be able to connect to your Word App account and see the progress of your tasks. Word App for iPad is just as good as Word App for your PC. Everything is right at your fingertips so you can see exactly where in the process any given job is. When you are working to a deadline, it is critical that you can keep your finger on the pulse of your content creation. Word App lets you do this through every step of the process from writing, editing to publishing.

And if you don’t use an iPad, never fear because Word App for iPhone is also available. At a moment’s notice, as soon as you have approved a text you can have it uploaded to your Wordapp WordPress site by connecting your Domain with our API. This will take all the hassle out of uploading texts. If this option isn’t for you though, then you also have the ability to download a whole project, once it is completed, in either CVS or XML format – just go with whatever suits you. You can also have all tasks emailed to you or another designated person as soon as they are completed. Make technology work for you by utilizing this tool.

Why Choose Word App?

Word App is a word processing app for iPad, iPhone, or PC. If you are looking for a way to spice up the content that you have been putting out there for your customers to see, then Word App is the place to do it. Word App can offer you all of the necessary skills and experience that you need to create amazing content that is near perfection and it is SEO and SEM optimized. Word App for Android free download gives you a tool that puts all of the control in your hands. (See how well we included that long tail keyword seamlessly into the text, and just because the rules said we had to!)

A word processing app for Android or iOS devices is exactly what the eCommerce world needs. As technology progresses, we need to harness its power and use it for our own good. As a site owner or an SEO consultant, wouldn’t it feel good to have full control over your SEO strategy without all of the messy administration stuff? Word App provides you with the tool to do just that. It is a tool that can be completely self-service and based on your specific needs; you tailor it to suit you and your business.

Word App Gives you Full Control of Your Content Strategy

When we say, you can have complete control over your content management strategy and SEO strategy we mean it. Using our technology you can quickly and easily create rules and keywords that writers must use when they are writing your content (see above), or completing your translations. You can utilize this free tool with our writers and editors, or you can use it within your team — or even a mix of both worlds if your crowd needs additional resources and support. Our self-service model allows you to access the tool, Word App iPhone, Word App iPad or Word App PC, and manage every aspect of your content strategy from writing and editing to publishing; directly using the wordapp plugin.

Content writing has never been easier to manage or produced more conversions than when you use Word App. Around the office, we have a term – cloud word app – this means that out there in the world there is a cloud of inspirational, entertaining and qualified writers and editors that are waiting for you to ask for help. These writers will use all of the guidelines and rules that you have given them to create content that will immediately start to increase your conversion rates. As a site owner, you know that you need to generate exciting content that will entice customers to click onto your eCommerce store, Word App is the tool that will allow you to realize that dream.

Self-Service is the key to the future

Word App uses machine learning, which will give you extra control over the content that is created. Each of our writer/editors are given a Word App level, and this level is determined by how many texts they have created and edited. Where machine learning comes into this is through your interest in a particular writer. All of our writers are anonymous, so the only way you will be able to identify anyone is through the quality of their writing. If you like texts by a particular writer/editor more often than other writer/editors, then Word App will recognize this and ensure they work on your tasks more often. All of this can be achieved with Wordapp mobile app.

Word App Online is the only tool out there that is completely free to use that will allow you to input rules, keywords, and guidelines that are specific to your purpose and let you use their crowd of writers or your own crowd of writers to create content or translations. Using the Word App Windows 10 browser application is the best way to set up and track the projects that you want to be created, but as we have mentioned the app is available across all devices. There is no better way to self-manage content and self-manage your SEO strategy.

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