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Wordapp Improvements

Wordapp Improvements 2 November 2017

Thanks for using Wordapp! To make Wordapp an even better experience for you, we regularly update the app. Our updates include new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes. Below is a description of the latest features and bug fixes we have been working on for you!

Template Library Improvements

With this update, you are now able to find a template with advanced search slightly more easily than when we first rolled out this feature. We dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s and fixed a few of the odd user experience issues, that may have been experienced. 😉

We Are Very Close to Self-service!

Hey, hey! Some of our clients will be able to search and select their templates from the new Template Library, (with preview) and save them to their new Account Library. We look forward to improving on this feature based on our user’s feedback. Long story short, Wordapp is on the verge of discovering a whole new universe, as we are very close to providing true self-service!

In Elephant We Trust!

The dev team has started to transition database from Mongo to PostGreSQL. PostGresql will offer better stability and security.

Minor Improvements

  • Template builder user interface has been improved slightly
  • A bunch of general performance improvements

Bug Fixes

  • E-mail validation on the signup form has been fixed. If you have a “-” (dash) symbol in your e-mail address now you can sign in without a problem!
  • Admins will be able to start paused tasks, again.
  • Maximum “not approved” limit is now working.
  • A bunch of general bug fixes and performance improvements.

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