Wordapp Improvements 21 February 2018 has improvements for clients
Wordapp Improvements

Wordapp Improvements 21 February 2018

To make Wordapp an even better experience for you, we regularly update the app. Our updates include new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes. Below is a description of the latest features and bug fixes we have been working on for you from Sprint 71! As always, thanks for using Wordapp!

About Paypal Payments

At the moment we are very close to launching the PayPal feature. Everything is pretty much ready on our side. But we are only waiting for a small fix from PayPal. Once we get that from them we will push the feature to our servers and you all will be able to transfer your withdrawable balance in Wordapp to your Paypal account.

Template Library Improvements

For our admins and clients, template search now works with more parameters and shows more reliable results. On top of that, we made some significant improvements to search speed. The improvements we made are as follows:

  • Template creation time displayed in templates list items (also searchable)
  • Ability to delete templates from Account templates
  • Performance improvement rendering list items
  • Template list items that do not have a preview is marked with an icon to show it’s intentionally missing
  • Database migration to synchronize table structures
  • Export sample sheet order chock full of sample content to help speed up content order setup

A Brave New Template Creator is coming…

Stones are rolling and we are rocking! A few of our clients have already started to use the Wordapp Template Library and create their own templates. However, to help make their lives easier in the future we are designing an entirely new simple and fast way to create and manage templates. Stay tuned.

WordPress Plugin Improvements

We developed plugin set up page for Wordapp WordPress Plugin. So, our clients will be able to configure on their own…

Minor Improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Private/Public index parsing for Copyscape
  • Upgrade rails to 5.2
  • Add total to pending payments
  • Payment method flow update
  • Render error problems on send forward
  • Tax ID validation makes sure your tax ID is at least 6 numerical characters
  • A bunch of general bug fixes and performance improvements

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