Wordapp Improvements 4 May 2018

To make Wordapp an even better experience for you, we regularly update the app. Our updates include new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes. Below is a description of the latest features and bug fixes we have been working on for you from Sprint 76. As always, thanks for using Wordapp!

Free version

Wordapp can now be used by our clients with their own team of writers for free! Clients can invite new and existing Wordapp users to join their team within Wordapp and work on their projects. They can also multiply their productivity by opening up their project for the crowd to work on!

Template Improvements

  • It is now possible to easily apply template item instructions to multiple template items, saving considerable time
  • Warnings are shown for invalid word counts, focus keyword rules and sub keyword rules

Domain Library improvements

  • We redesigned the Domain Library page to be mobile friendly
  • We added performance improvements including pagination and more efficient search

Payment & Invoices

Wordapp uses the Hyperwallet platform for its payment services. We thought it was important for our users to be aware of Hyperwallet’s Terms of Service – which they can now link to from Wordapp’s Payment Methods screen.

Minor Improvements

Bugs & Fixes


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