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Wordapp Improvements

Wordapp Improvements – July 2018

We regularly update our app to offer you a better Wordapp experience. Our updates include new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes. Below is a description of the latest features and bug fixes we have been working on for you. As always, thanks for using Wordapp!

Domain Library

  • We added Do’s and Don’ts section to domain. You can add some tips for the tone, things to include or avoid to include:

Do's and Don'ts

Template Improvements

  • General instructions in the template can be now saved as custom instructions. When instructions are saved, you can easily find and use them in another template:General Custom Instructions
  • Template item type can now be updated without deleting or adding an item:

Template Item Update


  • Item instructions can be also saved as custom instructions for future use. Moreover, it’s possible to apply instructions to all items of the same type with empty instructions. It means that when you have more than one item type, let’s say 5 text boxes and if you want to use the same instruction for all, you can type it only once and then you can apply it to all:

Template Item Instructions


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