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Wordapp hmm...

A quick Wordapp maintenance notification:

Wordapp gurus, if you can’t login…

What to do
Open a new “New Private Window” in your Firefox browser, check the step-by-step here.

Go to wordapp.com and login from the “sign in” button with:

  • Your username: “Test Username”
  • Your password: “Test Password”

This is a temporary solution.

When will it be 100% solved?
We are working hard on making sure you don’t have to access Wordapp from a private window anymore, it is estimated to be permanently fixed by tomorrow afternoon. Until then you will not face any problems if you login from a private window, all your texts will still be saved including your payment information.

Why did this happen?
During this morning’s Wordapp maintenance we faced an issue with the “cookies” resetting. Because of this your browser still thinks you are logged in, but it can’t properly show the page. We are working on a permanent solution.


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