Wordapp maintenance is making the app even better!

Wordapp improvements

Hi Wordapp’ers, we thought you’d like to know about the Wordapp maintenance

Wordapp maintenance brings lots of beautiful new things! This means that for ±30 min you will not be able to access + login / work on any tasks on wordapp.com.

When: Today (TUE, January 12th) between 08:30-09:00 AM CET (Europe)

Please finish any open (accepted) tasks you have before this time, to minimize the chance of a problem occurring.

Some improvements that will go live:

  • New homepage design for wordapp.com
  • New login screen separated from main site
  • Feedback will now also be visible after you accept the task
  • Payments are now displayed in more locations
  • Sharing of admin rights on projects for CPPO’s
  • Architecture for spell-check
  • Image/video template items
  • Improvement performance

Bug fixes

Until today 9:30 AM and after 10:00 AM you are free to work on more projects in Wordapp.

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