Meet the Wordapp team, and meet the people behind the innovation

The Wordapp Team

The Wordapp team is a group of problem-solvers, polyglots, and innovators designing a revolutionary content processing platform for online businesses. While hailing from different sectors and disciplines, every member forms and fits an integral niche that creates the amazing machine that is

Cem Arel

CEO & Founder

Volkan Temizkan

Co-Founder & Business Development

Jorn Elferink

Co-founder & COO

Elif Sema Şanal

Product Manager

Ozan Bozacı

Product Manager

Mehmet Yıldız

Senior Software Developer & Co-founder

Sabri bican

HR Manager

Onur Fesci

Front-end Developer

Marta Serapio

Sheroz Khaydarov

Lead Developer / Architect

Emre Erdoğan

Front-end Developer

Alex Black

Software Engineer

Daniela Pereira

Oguz Basdemir

Junior Growth Marketer

Berk Toprakci

Junior Growth Marketer

Laila Forsberg

Financial Manager

Aras Kocaoğlan

Key Account Manager

Matthew John

Art Director


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