New update Tuesday 08th of March - Wordapp
Wordapp improvements

New Wordapp improvements!

When: Between Monday, March 07th 17:00 and Tuesday, March 08th 11:00 CET.

We will automatically switch you when your update is available, you don’t have to worry about loosing any work since it is all saved.

New features

  • Alternative keywords; allowing writers to choose from multiple keywords without a PM choosing for them
  • Introduction of Project Manager (PM) role and PM task feed; allowing PM’s to see their on tasks that are “flagged”
  • Flagging of tasks; which removes the task from the task feed for everyone else and shows them in the PM task feed
  • Disabling of rules per role; giving the PM the option to turn off rule checking for example for publishers
  • Profile page for all users including the option to change password and e-mail


  • Combining of “send back” and “drop” in one button with the option to “flag” tasks
  • In-App notification of “first time role on project,” so that you know you have to pay attention to instructions and guidelines.
  • Option for a PM to send a notification to users after a task has been “flagged”

Pre-work for next releases

  • Reporting preparation with Jaspersoft
  • Improvements of manual out-of-app notifications


  • Clean-up of front- and back-end + documentation.

Do you have problems after the update?

Check the FAQ, or contact


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