New update Monday 22th of February - Wordapp

Wordapp is getting (even) better!

When: Monday, February 22th between 14:30 and 17:00 CET.

During the update you will be able to continue working, you are automatically switched to the new version without any implications for your active tasks.

New features

  • Stem-match – allowing keyword rules to work even if you add suffixes (especially in the Finnish and Turkish language)
  • Quality Score


  • Rule collapse – when all rules are “green” the rule box automatically collapses
  • Editor Workflow – as an editor, when you send feedback to a writer, you will be the only one to see the corrected version when the writer re-submits
  • Improvements in terminology / translations
  • General stability improvements

Pre-work for next releases

  • Reporting preparation with Jaspersoft
  • Review and refactoring of the existing notification structure
  • New Designs of “welcome” message for new users + pop-up screens


  • 100% documentation and automated tests on the front-end
  • Clean-up of legacy code in the back-end + added missing documentation

Do you have problems after the update?

Check the FAQ, or contact


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