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Language translation is made easy with free online translation tools. However, these machine translations are often inaccurate and not as precise as when done by a professional translator. If you need to step up your content strategy, your website should be professionally translated to all foreign languages to reach the global market. It is a key component in voicing out your brand’s image to attract international customers and increase traffic and conversions.

How Website Translation Boosts Your Business

If your website is readable in only one language, your global reach and online presence are limited. Website translation helps you reach thousands of new clients by incorporating localisation and using appropriate terminology while considering cultural awareness. It helps any business generate more leads since studies show most consumers prefer a website written in their local language.

With the help of a professional website translator, you can expect optimal overall accuracy of meaning. Convey your brand’s purpose with the right words, phrases, and expressions that can’t be translated by machine translators. Moreover, with the help of SEO optimisation in all languages, the positioning of your web pages are further enhanced.

How Website Translation Works

There are several steps for a successful website translation. First, it’s important to identify the target audience, brand image, and tone of your website. Knowing this key information helps recognise the necessary changes in translation. Afterwards, the translation can be done via CMS, directly into the website, or the text format of the contents.

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