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So You Learned That Duplicate Content Can Harm Your Website

Duplicate content will always cause site owners to suffer losses in rankings and organic traffic. But losses can also stem from many other areas too. Today’s marketers are constantly challenged to reach customers in new ways, and in a manner that engages and inspires them. Content marketing should educate and inform, entertain and delight. It should also be available when and where your customers want it.

And You Definitely Need Great Content For Your Online Business

Search engines like Google, with machine learning, now prioritize high-quality, relevant content over, and above everything else. There are not many businesses that function without needing online searches, or SEO to acquire new customers. Being visible online is critical to success, and organic growth. Creating new and engaging content should be a regular, and healthy practice in any business today. Companies who choose not to allocate resources for creating content are almost certain to fall short of their goals. Creating exciting content brings huge business rewards. Although the creation of content might not traditionally be considered as a sales technique, times are changing. Great content is now business critical.

Welcome To Wordapp: Gaining Competitive Advantage With Great Content

Advertisements are fine, but today’s businesses must deliver great web content too. Targeted content should be in tune with your visitors’ needs, and add value to their journey. Creating great content that reflects your brand, and specialty can help define you as an expert in that area. Providing helpful, and interesting information will invoke customer trust and loyalty. Content creation is also a major element of SEO. Using text with the best keywords, correctly placed, will promote web optimization for your website or landing page. Great content drives new, and very real traffic to your site.

Unfortunately, nobody owns their current rankings on Google or other browsers. There is a constant need to defend every area of business, from rankings and traffic, right through to conversion rates. On the web, every company is equal, irrespective of their size or offline market share. Effective SEO is essential. Great content websites build interest and intrigue for customers which make them pay attention. This, in turn, elevates your brand. It forms a superb communication platform to show visitors exactly what is unique, or interesting about your business, or it’s products. The good thing about the great content provided by Wordapp is that it works with you to develop what you require.

Great Content From Wordapp Will Get Your eCommerce Site Seen

Customers shopping online always seek out great content sites. They want trusted information and full details about the product before they make a decision to purchase. Using poor quality, or repetitive data, often provided by the wholesaler, can destroy customer satisfaction. Insufficient product descriptions can have an enormous impact on revenue for any eCommerce site. It only takes one click, and they are gone. Great content examples, on the other hand, help customers to educate themselves and compare products. This means that they are very likely to make a purchase. Excellent content makes for a great shopping experience, bringing loyalty and higher sales.

Organized and accurate data also reduces costs, minimizing product returns, and customer support issues. Search engines easily locate complete data. This is crucial because it’s filterable by your catalog, in addition to being critical to customers. Shoppers can be searching for any number of things, from the product name to its features. From part numbers to manuals, or delivery information, great web content can produce a big effect on both conversions and revenue. It also reduces customer abandonment, and bad reviews, attracting new shoppers to the site. They want great online content, high-quality information, and images, and they love to read product reviews. Engage a customer with a dynamic product description and the sale is yours.

Scaling Up Your ECommerce Business By Using Wordapp’s Crowd

Making changes to product descriptions and providing robust and unique content is essential. Great content sites will rank well on Google. Genuine, organic traffic is what every business needs, as it leads to real sales conversions. Trying to do this internally can take time and money, and does not always control the quality of the result. Wordapp can help. We can create new, and original product descriptions, or put a fresh face on existing ones. There is nothing quite like great online content to attract customers, both new and old. eCommerce best practices have never been so easy when you join forces with the experts. Wordapp makes the whole process easy, fast and affordable.

Wordapp’s crowd of creative writers can produce unique text, and product descriptions, while you stay in control. Simply upload your product descriptions to our site, connect your domain with our API, and relax. Great web content can be yours quickly and efficiently. Once you have approved the text, it will be automatically uploaded to your site. The great content will ensure new and organic traffic and create an impact that can be seen and measured. We breathe life into everyday content and product descriptions. Sign up with Wordapp to receive a free sample and see for yourself.

How Much Does Great Content Cost?

Creating great content commands a large portion of the marketing budget. The alternative for most companies is to assign tasks to employees, and trust that it will suffice. Finite time means that the focus is normally on activities that are seen to drive revenue, such as sales. The reality, however, is that creating the best content will support the sales efforts. A recent survey by digital marketing organizations found that over 20% of B2B companies could not adequately produce content to attract their target customers. The answer is to outsource the content creation to Wordapp to produce great content websites.

It is no longer an effective practice to treat content as an afterthought. It needs to be a key component that sets any brand apart from its competitors. Great content writing will create a following, brand loyalty, and also attract new customers. Most importantly, it is not expensive when compared to traditional advertising. It is also an extremely effective way to market any business, and when it’s done right, it can bring some game-changing benefits. Over time, it is the best investment any business can make, and impacts on everything from customer engagement to revenue. Not sure how to create relevant content? Then let Wordapp produce some great content examples for you!

Look No Further Than Wordapp For Creative Content

If you are looking for great web content, then there is no need to look any further. Within just a few days, our creative crowd can transform your website. SEO experts will create unique templates, to your specifications, and our writers will get inventive. The text is checked by Copyscape and an editor, to ensure perfection, then it will be waiting for your approval. The whole process can be monitored with ease and text is automatically uploaded to your website. Wordapp does all the work and makes creating great content a fast and stress-free experience.

Update your current text content, blogs, descriptions or landing page, Wordapp can do it all. Great online content should be the number one priority for any business that wants to lead their market. It is especially important for new companies and eCommerce ventures. Wordapp offers an integrated solution to ensure that content is always fresh, clear, and unique. The great content will drive traffic to your site, and bring true, organic growth in an efficient, and controlled way. Wordapp can help to increase brand image, and invigorate business with strong, targetted text. And we can do it in 25 different languages!

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