Make Money Taking Surveys Online

Surveys in Wordapp

Do you want to make money taking surveys online?

Wordapp is built to help freelancers make money online. In your task feed you will find all types of tasks including Surveys.

Some stats:

  • Surveys in 44 different countries
  • Over 10,000 different survey opportunities each month
  • Survey lengths between 1 minute and 45 minutes

To make money taking surveys online with Wordapp the only thing you have to do is sign up and follow the instructions in your task feed. Within 2 minutes you will be able to start working on your first survey.

Getting Paid for Surveys

For each survey task you see up front how much you get paid for a successful completion. You can withdraw your earnings whenever you want using:

  • Direct banktransfer
  • PayPal (opens up after 30 succesful survey completions)

Reward Points and Other Tasks

Besides making money taking surveys online you also earn Reward Points.

Reward points are used to open up training for other types of tasks, like building websites. That’s why Wordapp is the only freelance job you will ever need.

Earn money from surveys online

Getting started takes only 2 minutes!

Why Wordapp?

Get Tasks Whenever You Want

Unlike other online job platforms, there is no applying and waiting for a job to come in. Wordapp has a feed of tasks that you can work on right away. Just complete your paid lessons, and if there are tasks available in your language, you can get right to work!
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One Task Feed to rule them all!

You can make money taking surveys online all day long with Wordapp, but if you want to try something else you don’t have to look far! Whether you want to try content writing, translation or setting up WordPress websites; there is something for you! With your Reward Points we even guarantee to onboard you on skills to make more money online.
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Make Money Taking Surveys Online