7 steps to the only freelance job you will ever need -English freelancers
7 steps to the only freelance job you will ever need

7 steps for Native English Freelancers

to the only freelance job you will ever need

This blog post explains our guaranteed onboarding program for new and experienced native English freelancers from the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and ROW.

Getting started as a new freelancer is not easy, but if you follow the steps in this post you will succeed. We guarantee it!

Onboarding English - 2020

Background Information

Freelancing is changing fast! Start by reading about our vision and why Wordapp is the only freelance job you will ever need (don’t skip this step).

The goal of your onboarding is to make sure you are in control your freelance work and not dependent on applying for gigs or becoming a master salesperson.

Step 1

Activate your account with 1 reward point

You earn your first reward point by completing a survey in your task feed.

Done? Congrats!

You activated your Wordapp Account and earned your first income. I know, it’s not much money but for each survey you complete you also earn reward points!

Continue with the next steps to see what all those reward points are for…

Payment: survey payment + 1 reward point

Step 2

Earn 1 more reward point

To do your first training task, complete 1 more Survey Tasks in your task feed.

Payment: survey payments + 1 reward points

Step 3

You write your first paid training task

You are spending 2 reward points on a paid training task (30-40 words), where you see the changes in your task history and can ask a coach about them.

Payment: 0,68 EUR

Continue to exchange reward points for training tasks and learn how it all works, ask your coach at anytime…

Step 4

List your’s or a friends website to website manager

Add your or a friends website to website manager.  Website manager is 100% free and built to manage one or thousands of WordPress websites.  Install our plugin for WordPress and get access to one-click login, last update of content, rankings on search engines, send content to it and much much more (we continously develop the website manager for our leads product). You can add as many sites as you want without extra cost.

Payment: 3 reward points

If you invite a friend that ads a site, you each earn 3 reward points.

Tip. If you list your website for sponsored guest posts and our admins approve it, you get to earn 12 reward points for a post to a Wordapp-page.

Step 5

You reach level 8 and get a free Paypal transfer.

You reach level 8 by earning 21 points as a writer in Wordapp. If you would only do training tasks, you would have to earn 42 reward points to do 21 easy training tasks and become a level 8 writer. However typically you can get fast tracked to private projects if you impress your coach. Read more about Wordapp Levels.


Payment: 10 reward points that you can use for a free Paypal transfer.

Step 6

Invite a service business to a free trial for a lead site that you build

There is only one way to assure that you get a steady income as a freelancer, it is to get your own clients. Fortunately you don’t need to sell with Wordapp, as a matter of fact the entire process is super simple and positive: Wordapp Leadz.

  • Do a list of service businesses that you recommend.
  • Present the list to your coach and a brief.
  • Låt the business apply on this page for a free trial stating you as referal.

If the application is accepted, the business gets a 100% free trial with 5-10 leads on a site that you will be building!

Payment: 250 reward points (85 Euro) +  100 reward points as long as the client is a customer each month  (you will share this 50/50 with your coach for the first site, then 100% to you).

Step 7

You reach level 15 to become an EWA (Elite Wordapper)

You have built several sites and reach level 15 (610 points as writer/editor) mastering skills such as keyword research, samples, ordering, project management, SEO, leadgeneration websites and WordPress.

Payment: Varies depending on the client and your role. You can use Wordapp for free with your own clients or team or get clients from us where you earn 50% of the list price. Ask your coach for examples.

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