7 steps to the only freelance job you will ever need -English freelancers
7 steps to the only freelance job you will ever need

7 steps for Native English Freelancers

to the only freelance job you will ever need

This blog post explains our guaranteed onboarding program for new and experienced native English freelancers from the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Getting started as a new freelancer is not easy, but if you follow the steps in this post you will succeed. We guarantee it!

Onboarding English - January 2020

Background Information

Freelancing is changing fast! Start by reading about our vision and why Wordapp is the only freelance job you will ever need (don’t skip this step).

The goal of your onboarding is to make sure you are in control your freelance work and not dependent on applying for gigs or finding your own clients.

Step 1

Activate your account with 1 reward point

You earn your first reward point by completing a survey in your task feed.

Done? Congrats!

You activated your Wordapp Account and earned your first income. I know, it’s not much money but for each survey you complete you also earn reward points!

Continue with the next steps to see what all those reward points are for…

Payment: survey payment + 1 reward point

Step 2

Earn 8 more reward points

To get your first project invitation, complete 8 more Survey Tasks in your task feed.

Payment: survey payments + 8 reward points

Step 3

You write your first two blog posts of 150 words each

You are spending 9 reward point on a coach (who invites you and gives feedback) on a project where you write your two first blog post of 150 words each.

Payment: approx. 3 EUR

You are earning another 8 reward points repeating the previous step or moving on to the next…

Step 4

Time to try harder content – 270 words

You are spending your ten reward points to get some help from a coach again. You write a page for a blog of 270 words and now your level will have increased so that you can take content tasks in the app when they appear. When you pass this milestone (only 10% pass on their first try), your coach will start recommending you to private projects in the app…

Payment: approx. 4 Euro

You need to earn 18 reward points for step 5.

Step 5

You build your first WordPress-site and become a reseller

Your coach gives you a domain and through weekly Q&As and self-study at help.wordapp.com you learn how to build a great WordPress website, that when it is done will be listed for sale or sponsored post in the marketplace at Wordapp.com

Payment: You are now a qualified Wordapp.com reseller and can take part in the reseller program where you earn 50-80% lifetime revshare on all sites that you list for sale, sponsored posts or homepages you build for clients.

You give your site to your coach who has helped you through the entire journey. Your coach will now earn 30% lifetime revshare on the site you built together.

Important – Fast track reseller! If you already know how to build WordPress-websites, you can skip the steps above and just list your site in the website manager and verify your ownership by installing our plugin or synchronizing analytics.

Listing a website and using the Wordapp login, including 1-click login and similar is totally free. You do pay 20% commission to Wordapp when a client buys a site, pays for a sponsored post or if you build a website for them. You can also partner up with Wordapp and build domains that we give you for a 50/50 revshare.

Step 6

Time for a LAAS-text

In 2020 Wordapp.com, together with Wordappers, plans to build over 1000 English lead generation websites. You can read more about the underlying trends here.

You spend 18-reward points on your first LAAS- text where your coach (like always), gives you priceless feedback.

Payment: approx. 9 Euro and if you do this one great, your coach will recommend you to write on LAAS-projects.

Step 7

You build your first LAAS-site

You take your first step towards a digital real estate empire by spending 120 reward points, building your first LAAS-site, where you master the template builder, learn why CTA is so important and local SEO.

Payment: Approx. 42 Euro and now you can earn by building LAAS-sites each month, but even better you will be able to build your own sites where you earn income every month through leads. You also qualify for EWA projects (Elite Wordappers run their own projects for clients in Wordapp).

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