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At Wordapp we offer tailor-made products for SEO, SEM and Translation. With years of SEO and SEM experience in the content and translation industry, Wordapp speaks your language, languages, communication, phrasing, wording, speech, writing.

Wordapp makes writers 20x more productive


SEO Translation is something you can not do without Wordapp. Using Wordapp’s powerful workflow, built-in plagiarism scan and terminology manager you have full control over amazing translations. Connect your site with WordAPPI and you don’t have to bother about uploading your translations anymore.

Wordapp's Workflow with Copyscape and Return
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Wordapp is built for scale. Connect your site using WordAPPI or upload your products in CSV or XML. Your product descriptions will not only be of amazing quality, but also guaranteed unique with our built-in plagiarism scanner.


Managing a blogging network (PBN) with Wordapp is easy and fast. Connect your sites with our Zapier integration, WordAPPI or our native WordPress plugin. We provide blogging content in 25 languages. How many texts do you need per day?

Top 3 Questions from Clients


What kind of work can I get done? Wordapp is the solution for any projects that involve words. It is tailored for high-quantity content needs. Wordapp is for example used for:

  1. Sourcing product descriptions for websites with an endless stream of new products in multiple languages
  2. To publish blog posts on big blogging networks
  3. For the translation of entire websites to launch in new markets
  4. To rewrite content that is not unique


How does Wordapp make money? Wordapp takes a percentage on payments to freelancers in public projects. Next to that we offer additional services to clients like keyword research.

What methods of payment do you accept and what do they cost? Currently, all work in Wordapp is invoiced on acceptance of the order. In Q1-2017, when we get out of beta, we will switch to an in-app payment system including support for MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and PayPal.


What should I do after I register? After you sign up as a publisher, it is time to send us the details of your order. We will get in touch with you to ask you which information we need.

How do I make my project a success? The key to a successful project is an active and involved publisher from your organization (or multiple). Wordapp does not do magic, we code proven processes and best-practices based on extensive experience.

By being active in Wordapp every day and sending feedback, you assure that our algorithms select the best writers and editors for your job. Wordapp allows you to make a great, trained writer 20 times more productive by having him or her approve tasks that you source from the Wordapp crowd of writers and translators.