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Wordapp.com is extremely helpful in localizing when entering new markets!

Çağrı Bayram, SEO Specialist at LC Waikiki, a Turkish brand trades in 859 stores in 38 countries, talks about how Wordapp.com helps LC Waikiki with localization and e-export.


Çağrı Bayram, SEO Specialist at LC Waikiki

I don’t want my competitors to know about Wordapp.com!

Magnus Boberg, Head of SEO at Mr. Green explains why he doesn’t want his competitors to know about Wordapp.com, what he thinks about Istanbul and what he enjoys most with his job at Mr. Green.


Magnus Boberg, Head of Organic SEO at Mr. Green

I love how Wordapp.com scales and the Elite Wordappers!

Jonas Winblad, Co-Founder and CEO of Novitana which is an affiliate company based in Malta with brands such as Casivo, explains how he uses of Wordapp.com to scale his sites, what he loves about being an entrepreneur and about the best kebab he has ever eaten.


Jonas Winblad von Walter, CEO at Novitana

Wordapp.com is built to scale on several markets!

Marcin Wludyka, Head of SEO at INOVATIQ, an affiliate marketing group based in Malta with brands such as CasinoPilot, talks about Karaoke in Istanbul and how INOVATIQ uses Wordapp.com to scale on different markets.


Marcin Wludyka, Head of SEO at INOVATIQ

The secret formula to build a sustainable e-export machine!

Wordapp.com CEO, Cem Arel, delivered a keynote presentation at the European Cross-border Summit on 26th of April, 2018. The speech was covering 3 important points to build a sustainable e-export machine.


Cem Arel, Wordapp.com CEO


Available with Turkish subtitles

Organizations who have entities in other countries can get up to a $250,000 US incentive from the Ministry of Economy

Volkan Temizkan, Wordapp.com Co-Founder, having an interview with WRM Consultancy Co-Founder, Ramazan Sarıcı, about government incentive programs on e-export.


Ramazan Sarıcı, WRM Consultancy Co-Founder


Available with English subtitles

Wordapp will let us stay in control for the content to be written on behalf of our brand!

Sibel Güney, Digital Marketing Manager in Derimod, a Turkish leather brand and one of the leaders in Turkish market for over 40 years, talks about the strengths and advantages of using Wordapp.


Sibel Güney, Digital Marketing Manager at Derimod


Available with English subtitles

Growth Hacking for Early Stage Startups & Why Representation is Essential

Wordapp.com Co-Founder Jorn Elferink and Head of Crowd Matilda Säf, delivered a keynote presentation at KWORKS, Marketing Talks event.

Wordapp.com helps platforms and companies with localization when entering new markets

Wordapp.com Co-Founder Volkan Temizkan, had an interview at the World E-Commerce Forum’s workshop about localization when entering new markets.


Available with English subtitles


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