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The only freelance job you will ever need

The only freelance job you will ever need…

It’s almost 12 months ago that -by coincidence- everything we had been working on until then became clear. While I was on holiday a new client reached out to Wordapp and Jorn took the call. All excited he called me afterwards. 

They needed to build a lot of websites and he insisted I put everything else on hold and meet them in Stockholm. I’m happy I did.

Now, nearly 12 months later, we have not only built 1000’s of websites, but we have also totally reinvented the platform for businesses and freelancers.

In less than 12 months we have introduced new features such as: 

And now with the new website marketplace we’re launching, is the only freelance job you will ever need. 

The future of freelancing: why Wordapp is the right place

In the next 7 years, 100 millions of people from the traditional workforce will become full-time freelancers. And although traditional gigs like translation and writing product descriptions are increasingly getting replaced by machine writing, higher-skilled gigs like building websites that generate leads are here to stay. 

In the same period, over 90 million small businesses will go online to get new clients. Service businesses like hair transplantation clinics, dentists or companies doing badrumsrenovering represent one-third of those. Each increasing their revenue up to four times when they go online. 

But going online is not easy and they need help, lots of help… helps both the businesses and the freelancers to make money online. 

How we help businesses and freelancers to make money online?

WordPress made easy

The 30 million service businesses all need an online presence – a website. Even though there are tons of different website builders out there, it’s time-consuming to for a service business build a website. 

That’s where you, as a freelancer, come in.

WordPress is the one platform to rule them all, powering an astonishing 34% of the Internet

Using our free website manager, marketplace and onboarding you are able to earn by: 

  • Selling websites you build
  • Selling sponsored posts on sites you own
  • Building websites for service businesses
  • Upgrading and optimizing websites of clients

Leads made easy – build your own affiliate business

However, what small businesses really need are not websites but new leads (prospective clients). With the lead generation websites that you can build and list on our platform, you can earn the most as a freelancer.

Using our unique LAAS-model and the platform we make it easy to: 

  • Find clients for your leads
  • Get paid for each lead and invoice
  • Serve and track the number of leads by phone, WhatsApp, email or forms
  • Assure the quality of leads for you and the client
  • Monitor uptime, track SERP and provide analytics data  

How do you get started? 

Depending on your experience we have 4 different programs

#1 New freelancers

You are new to freelancing and are not ready to quit your daytime job or spend too much time on figuring things out yourself… 

Spending just 20-30 minutes a day earning reward points you will gradually learn the skills and make money at the same time using our guaranteed roadmap to freelancing.  

  • Blog Posts (Easy)
  • Product Descriptions
  • Content (Advanced)
  • iGaming Content
  • Website Translations
  • Google Ads
  • WordPress

Go to the task feed now to get started.

#2 Experienced freelancer – fast track

You are a professional freelancer or about to go professional and already know how to build WordPress sites and how to write great content for the web, but:

  • You need more work
  • You need help increasing your earnings/hour
  • You need help generating passive income

Through our fast track program, you earn 30% rev-share lifetime on the sites where you write the content, build and maintain the websites and we pay for everything like:  

  • Coaching and templates
  • Domains and themes
  • Hosting
  • Lead tracking
  • SERP tracking
  • Keyword tools
  • Sales

Go to the website manager and list at least one WordPress site that you own to get fast-tracked. 

Note. Our fast track program is currently the only way to become an Elite Wordapper. 

#3 Affiliate – list your sites

You already have websites and are just looking for more channels to monetize them. Listing them is free and 100% anonymous and you only pay a commission (currently 20%) when you make an actual sale.

#4 Elite Wordapper

You have completed our fast-track program and you are earning lifetime rev-share on several sites but want to do even more. You want to earn by helping other freelancers and businesses earn money using Wordapp.

What do you think?

Let me know what you think in our chat, just ask for Cem.  

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