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SEO Case Study: Content Works


At InboundCPH, a leading SEO company in Denmark, they know how to drive traffic to a website in the Scandinavian market. By creating well over 100 content optimized landing pages, conducting an extensive outreach campaign and providing technical consulting they improved BLOCKBUSTER’s online market position and earnings significantly.

Google Analytics overview Blockbuster

At Wordapp we’ve helped InboundCPH reach their targets by writing a substantial amount of SEO optimized content. The content was written on the basis of keywords and keyphrases (identified by InboundCPH) being used by BLOCKBUSTER’s target audience – thereby ensuring BLOCKBUSTER maximum visibility on a large number of relevant and valuable searches.

“Content is essential to SEO, and it is very important for us that the content is optimized for both users and search engines. Wordapp can deliver just that! We are extremely satisfied with Wordapp’s ability to deliver large volumes of well-optimized content within a tight deadline.”

Mark Mølgaard, SEO Specialist at InboundCPH

Key Outcomes

Within a period of just 12 months:

  • Website traffic increased by 98%.
  • Ecommerce conversion rate increased by 48%.
  • The total number of customers reached 300.000.

Read the full BLOCKBUSTER Case Study (in Danish).

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