Word Processing

What Is Word Processing?

In the most basic sense, word processing is the term used to describe how a computer application can help you, the writer, produce better documents. It does this by the utilization of some general features that include formatting, editing, and spell check. Word Processing creates rich text documents that display your content in the most optimum way.

Why Use A Specialized Word Processing App For eCommerce?

The answer can be found in the truism, “Content is King.” The content on your eCommerce site has to be targeted toward attracting organic traffic. Content should create a qualitative experience for your customers. The inclusion of the relevant keywords needs to be appropriate to the current search engine requirements. This will be accomplished efficiently, and professionally using a specific word processing app like Wordapp. Providing accurate, original, and exciting content for today’s competitive market requires a collaborative effort. Specialized online word processing provides all the tools necessary to make your content attractive, compelling and useful.

Wordapp – A Word Processing Solution: Content Creation And Content Translation

As an eCommerce business, you have possibly thousands of product descriptions. Some you may have inherited from the manufacturers, and some that need updating. As you enter the global market, you may have some that need translating. This can be a time consuming job, and this is where word processing applications become extremely useful. You could download word processing software and have an in-house team focus on this work. However, you would require SEO experts and translators in addition to your writers. Again, this is time consuming and expensive. It would be far more cost efficient to use a professional system that has the critical features in this competitive arena. Imagine having a process where your content can be translated into twenty-five languages? Simultaneously!

Another truism is “time is money.” And for the quickly evolving world of eCommerce, this is especially true. You have to keep your edge in a competitive world, and content will help you achieve this. Providing an excellent user experience for the visitors to your site includes ensuring your content is relevant and original, but also accurate, well written and in all languages you require. While a word processing package can assist you, it will not create the necessary keywords, nor SEO content, that is so necessary. With Wordapp, you will get more than a word processing app with which you can set up, create and edit content. You will also get access to our Wordapper’s crowd of multilingual writers and editors.

Using Wordapp’s Crowd For High-Quality Content Creation

Using Wordapp’s word processing online solutions is the way forward for eCommerce sites. Our word processing services are uniquely designed to work at relieving the stress of creating your website’s content. The Wordapp crowd of writers and editors ensure your products descriptions are high-quality and suitable for desktop, and mobile usage. Our Wordapp crowd’s focus is on producing creative, and original content. Our innovative system provides all the necessary SEO elements needed to drive organic traffic to your site. This traffic is the best way to convert visitors to sales on your eCommerce site.

Keyword research, keywords density, and word count are all present in the template that the writers and editors work from. The Wordapp system is designed to facilitate the writers in producing the creative content you desire and in doing so allows you control every step of the way. This word processing experience is revolutionizing how content is provided. We are a word processing company that is at the forefront of the innovative use of crowd resources, our Wordapp crowd. Writers and editors have a clear, concise format to follow, it is fast, and it is economical. The writers prepare creative content, Copyscape reviews its authenticity, editors check that is perfect, and our system seamlessly uploads it to your site.

Quick And Effective Results With Wordapp: Content Translation Made Easy!

As eCommerce companies expand into the global market, they not only need translated sites, but also country and culturally relevant sites. Content has to reflect the essence of your products in a meaningful translation. Word processing programs are not designed for this level of translation and interpretation. Using Wordapp word processing online solution not only provides faster results, but by using our native language speakers it ensures your receive relevant and quality content. This is an integrated process, since the SEO requirements and keywords necessary for increasing your site’s ranking are automatically included. This allows our crowd of writers and editors to focus on the task at hand: creating quality, language specific, content.

Choosing to use Wordapp gives you, as an online business owner, access to a broad range of word processing tools, and word processing skills. Our writers and editors are motivated professionals. And with the system taking care of the administrative tasks, they can focus solely on creating perfect content. Wordapp has transcended the current technology available, in doing so created a word processing system that is fast, efficient, and profitable. The workflow system gives you control over the process, and the final say on the content before it is published. Wordapp ticks all the boxes that a busy enterprising online business owner requires.

Wordapp, A Word Processing App Generating Traffic For Your Business!

To remain competitive in the ever-expanding online business world, you have to optimize your resources. And this, of course, means your website. It not only has to look good, it must also provide an excellent user experience. The content has to be unique, relevant and of high quality. To direct traffic to your site, it has to meet SEO requirements. The route to driving organic traffic is also evolving and changing. And integrating your site with our word processing app will ensure your site’s content stays fresh and updated. Our word processing applications integrate with all major platforms and can be accessed via desktop or mobile, letting you keep your finger on everything that is happening.

Having original content on your site assists in generating traffic, but at Wordapp we take it one step further. Not only providing that all-so-compelling content but also ensuring it is informative and helpful. Filler words are not allowed, and we have dedicated editors within the system to make sure that does not happen. Headings are also important on your site; they have to stand out, draw attention to your product, and your site. Our titles are all product of keyword research and very effective. You do not have to take our word for it. We can provide word processing examples, and we offer you a word processing free sample. So you can see for yourself how good we are.

Word Processing Made Easy. Try Wordapp Today!

Is our word processing software the one for you? We think it is, that’s why we shout it from the rooftops. Everyone who works online knows the goal posts keep changing. So it’s hard to stay on top, regardless of how good your product is. Website owners need a word processing package that adapts with them. One that maintains standards, ensures quality user experiences, and provides the SEO and SEM ready content to keep directing traffic to their site. At Wordapp we believe we can offer you all of that and much more.

Our word processing features include the all-important content writing features that include keyword research, pre-assigned keywords, and headings that will stand out. We also provide ongoing statistics, employ machine learning to ensure tasks are allocated to the best suited writers. And we provide native language speakers in over 25 languages ensuring your content will span the globe. So yes, we think we offer the best in word processing online, and that you should give Wordapp, and the Wordapp crowd a try and see for yourself. Signing up is easy, costs are low, results are fast, What are you waiting for?

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Wordapp lets you take control of your SEO content strategy

With its powerful admin panel, Wordapp lets you manage your SEO project easily, no matter if you have ten texts or 1000’s in your project! Wordapp’s workflow puts you in control — you have the final say on your quality SEO content.


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When you connect Wordapp to your site, you can use your team, or the Crowd of writers and editors to seamlessly deliver high-quality SEO and SEM content. On top of that, Wordapp can connect to your site via our custom API, or to your WordPress site with our custom plugin. With all this power, what used to take weeks now takes hours!