Changelog - 17 August 2017 - Wordapp

Read-only feature on template details

Read only option has been added onto the template items. The writers and the editors cannot see and edit the content orders on editor screen ,although they will be able to see on the “Preview” screen for following the content they are about to write.

Better customer support

We have integrated Intercom, a new chat application with a sleek interface and an efficient user tracking capabilities, that will help us deliver better customer support.

Minor Improvements and Fixes

  • Users can now get notification email after a manager sends back a flagged task to them.
  • Copyscape highlighting error has been fixed by removing related checks from codebase.
  • Duplicate meta-title and meta-description items have been deleted from related content orders.
  • Text editing errors that the publishers have seen in last weeks, have been terminated successfully.
  • Transaction display error for auto-flagged tasks have been fixed.
  • ”No authority to do” errors have been cleaned from project related actions.
  • “I love it” score has been fixed and re-calculated for all users.
  • Customer role has been added onto each user for easy filtration.
  • Connectivity and data fetching errors while using Firefox has been fixed.
  • Loading indicator and performance optimization for task-feed.

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