Digital Mums Are Taking Over The Online World
Digital mums working from home

Digital Mums In An Online Freelance World

Do you ever find yourself looking for some way to channel your creativity in between sleepless nights and numerous car journeys to and from school? Are you curious to explore an online platform where you get paid for your language assets and writing skills? Wordapp is the answer! Here you will decide your own working hours, whether that is early morning, or late evening when the house is fast asleep. Take the opportunity to explore freelance writing at its best and get paid for doing something that you love!


The Power Of Meaningfulness

Being a full-time mom is wonderful but also hard work. A child’s first year is full of precious moments, but also hair tearing, plenty of coffee and admittedly, a few tears. Once they grow older, school and numerous sports take over. This often leads to a calendar that is almost unreadable, due to an overflow of activities and birthday parties, that go way beyond normal working hours. In all of this, you as a mother may find yourself a bit lost. You may have this deep longing for doing something meaningful for your own career, which will leave you feeling fully accomplished. This is where Wordapp comes in.

Wordapp is for those of you that have a flair for language. For those that thoroughly enjoy putting pen to paper, or in this case, hands to the keyboard. For those who yearn to put your own personal touch to a text. You can do all this from the comfort of your own home or when on the go. Imagine being able to work while curled up on the sofa, sipping a warm cup of coffee, which is a well-known blessing for all mothers.

Efficient Time Management

Time management is a skill that parents all over the world are experts at. If not born with it, having a child will definitely teach you how to juggle feeds, activities and down time. Sometimes you may feel that there is absolutely no time left at the end of a long day. Always tired, you may find that the TV and social media are consuming quite a large portion of your well-deserved me-time. Those precious hours that you would like to dedicate to something that you like and that can make an impact on your bank balance. That’s where Wordapping is perfect.

Why not dedicate some of your “me-time” and give it a try? At Wordapp there won’t be any superiors stressing you. There will be no work colleagues giving you a dirty look when you have to say no to work as the children need minding. With Wordapp, you work whenever you want and wherever you want. The freedom of choosing your own hours will not only boost your creativity but also monetize it! And that sound pretty good, even for a tired mum, doesn’t it?

Balance Family Time And Work

What is the one thing busy moms need in order to combine work and family? Simple answer – flexibility! As a digital mum and freelancer, you may not have time to chase clients, market your own business, or manage the administrative madness that is rooted in selling your skills to the digital world. With Wordapp there is no need for that! You simply log in and the tasks are there, just waiting to be written. By completing the initial lessons and adhering to some simple SEO rules and keywords, your own words will soon be flying off the keyboard. The best thing of all? You can do it all when it suits YOU!


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