New Projects in Wordapp - how to get started

NEW Project

Getting started on a new project

When you start on a new project you want to make sure you read and understand the:


Project Instructions

These explain the general guidelines of the project. Often, they cover:

  • The client expectations
  • Where to find additional information
  • General indicators for tone (e.g. formal/not formal)

Unique Selling Points (USPs)

The Unique Selling Points (USPs) are what sets this particular site you are writing for apart from it’s competition. Examples are: free delivery, native customer support, etc. The template instructions often refer to where to use the USPs in the text.


The Persona is a representation of the person you are writing for; it dictates tone. If you are for example writing for a doctor your tone will be very different than writing for a patient. Under tone you can think of terminology (word choice), sentence structure/length, examples you give, etc.

Template Instructions

Every template item has its on Template Instructions, you can find these in the right upper corner of the template item. When you click this button you can read what is expected from you in this template item. Be sure to check out the Template Instructions for every template item.

The secret to nailing your first text?

If you understand the general requirements as described above, it is always advised to take a look at the sample text and keyword URL buttons. They usually provide a wealth of inspiration. To keep your Quality Score high, take it slow on a new project and allow some time for feedback.

Need help getting started?