Update to Project Settings

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Update to Project Settings

We just pushed an update to the project settings in Wordapp that will give you more control over how you use the crowd on content projects.


All old project settings have been migrated so you don’t have to make any changes yourself to keep your project running.


What has changed:

1) Crowd settings have moved


You can now see the crowd settings under the ‘participants’ tab of the project.


Enabling the ‘make public for writers’ and ‘make public for editors’ checkboxes make the project public.


This also means you can have, for example, only writing tasks show to the crowd and still keep editing private.

2) ‘Crowd task limit’ has been repurposed to ‘task limit’

With the ‘task limit’ under the general tab of your project(s) you can now control how many tasks can be in progress at any given time for any type of project (private or public).


Questions? Ask for Jorn in the chat or send an email to jorn [@] wordapp.com

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