Wordapp Improvements 3 April 2018 - Wordapp
Wordapp Improvements

Wordapp Improvements 3 April 2018

To make Wordapp an even better experience for you, we regularly update the app. Our updates include new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes. Below is a description of the latest features and bug fixes we have been working on for you from Sprint 74! As always, thanks for using Wordapp!

Template Builder Improvements MVP

While you might hope that MVP stands for “Most Valuable Player,” you’d be wrong. It actually stands for something much more practical for our client users. It means “Minimum Viable Product,” and it denotes that we built a Template Builder that you can use today, not one that you’ll wait months and months for us to finish implementing with all our “dream” features!

Although it’s an MVP, the new template builder represents a continuation of the last sprint’s major milestone in how clients can set up their template and as a result their content orders. With our new notion of template edit modes, clients will be able to edit the rules and add keywords in Rule Mode and also do more free-form editing of the sample text ın Text Mode. In addition, you can now choose to Import from WordPress to create a sample text based on content from your WordPress site.

Order Workflow Improvements

Adding content orders to a new project or an existing project just got a lot easier. Now when you export your sample Order sheet, you can choose if you want to create a new project from the order sheet, or if you want to connect it to an existing project. Then you can upload the content order from the create icon in Wordapp’s top menu bar, Wordapp will either connect the order to your existing project or create a new project. This greatly streamlines the process of content order setup. To learn more about setting up an order in Wordapp follow this link.

Clients can Manage Their Domains

Clients have access to a new section in the app called Domain Library. In this section, we’ve given the client the functionality to manage the domains associated with their projects. They are able to manage them from a powerful list. Also, are able to create single domains and perform bulk uploads of multiple domains. Learn more about the Domain Library here.

Minor Improvements

Bug Fixes

  • MongoDB, PostgreSQL & Redis have been updated to the latest stable releases
  • Minimum Limit for Hyper Wallet Payments is 48 Euro
  • Warning messages for User Profiles have been clarified
  • WP Plugin errors have been refactored
  • Template ID validation notification message has been fixed

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