New update Monday 8th of February - Wordapp
Wordapp improvements

Howdy Wordappsters, we are making another amazing Wordapp update!

When: Monday, February 8th between 15:00 and 15:15 CET.

During the maintenance update you won’t be able to work on any tasks in, please finish any open (accepted) tasks before this time. After 15:15 CET you are free to work on any tasks again.

Improvements that will go live

•    Added “just checking out task” to drop reasons
•    Full control over maximum number of tasks in progress depending on publisher acceptance rate
. This ensures that there is never a backlog of tasks waiting for acceptance. If, for example, the rate is 10 texts per day all writers and editors will be automatically paused when there are 10 publishing tasks pending until the publisher starts accepting tasks.
•    Sorting in task feed between public and private projects.
•    Removed non-used front end code. This results in way faster performance and faster implementation of new front-end features (yes, spell-check is in sight now!).
•    Added cookie-policy on
•    Added new “c u later page” upon logout. Sign up easily as an affiliate and starting making money by referring new projects to Wordapp.

Do you have problems after the update?

Contact your contact person in Wordapp or one of the ambassadors, we’ll help you right away!


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