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What is an Elite Wordapper?

  • A dedicated writer who is part of your team for any content task
  • Who is an expert is SEO, WordPress and Google Ads
  • Taught to scale projects with the crowd in Wordapp
  • For a low fixed fee, scalable if needed, from €550/mo

5 reasons why an EWA is the best content writing service ever?

Short version: An Elite Wordapper is an expert content writer that works directly with you as part of your team. An EWA will help you with any content writing service, ranging from small content tasks such as a blogpost or maintainance of WordPress-sites, to big full scale content productions including keyword research and ordering for example categories or game reviews. All at a low monthly fee that can be adjusted when needed.

Long version: Read this 1500 word article about the five reasons why we think you will really want an EWA complementing your team(8 min. read).

Five reason why we think you will love to add an EWA to your team


#1 An EWA is a (very) experienced content writer

Our clients, especially agencies, have very variying content writing service requests and the flexibility with having an EWA on the team is something that is highly valued and even required.

In order to qualify as an Elite Wordapper, a love of writing is a must and doing so within different industries, formats and projects. Everything from product descriptions to ads, news or game reviews. To become an EWA we require that the writer has earned at least 610 points in the WA level system based on the Fibonacci sequence.


#2 Language quality is analyzed using the complete content history

An EWA does less than 3% of language mistakes over time

All text in the Wordapp platform passes through a workflow, where a version is saved in each step. This allows us to analyze the complete writing history of each wordapper. In order to qualify as an Elite Wordapper, we require language mistakes to be below 3%. In other words 97 out of 100 texts have to have perfect language quality if you want to qualify as an EWA.


#3 An EWA is skilled in various tools, not only keyword research

Elite Wordappers get skilled using various online tools when they build Wordapp lead generation websites and manage client projects. This also makes it easier to learn new tools, if the client requires it. Examples of tools that an EWA uses daily:

Keywordtool.io: As part of the content writing service, an EWA will help you with keyword research, both in finding suitable keywords from translations or from scratch, but also relevant long tail keywords or a competitive analysis. Keywordtool.io is used daily by all EWAs.

Zapier: The Wordapp.com platform is integrated with Zapier and typical zaps are integrations with Slack when a text is approved or sending a copy of the approved texts in a given format to Google Sheets.

Google sheet: The Wordapp ordersheet in combination with the Wordapp template builder gives you as a client full control of everything regarding the text. For example which keywords to use and how (first only in a sentence or never last for example), word count, conjugations or characther counts.

keyword research

#4 An EWA knows how to build WordPress sites that rank on Google

A big part of the practical EWA training is building lead generation websites using WordPress. Wordapp uses a train the trainer method where senior EWAs train newbies. Training includes:

  • Plugins
  • Keyword research and competitive analysis
  • Order and building templates
  • The Wordapp WordPress plugin
  • Website manager
  • Project management in Wordapp
  • Content writing for mobile devices
  • WordPress sites using different themes

EWA run training projects to recruit new writers on a monthly basis through the Wordapp 7 step onboarding program for freelancers.

Examples of training sites are:

In fact an EWA is not considered senior enough to train other EWAs to provide content writing services before they have ranked at least 3 sites to the first page of Google. For example:


#5 An EWA can scale content production (a lot)

… combining an Elite Wordapper, your team and the crowd on the Wordapp platform and you can blitzscale any content project. Perfect for inhouse teams or agencies.

Here is how the Wordapp platform helps you scale:

  • Website manager: List and manage 1000’s of WordPress-sites and filter by metrics such as last content update, CTR on Google Ads or SERP top 3 positions using the website manager. Perfect for agencies that need to manage many client sites.
  • Templates: Built to scale content production by building a prototype (sample) and then using a template, setting rules such as keyword repetition, position, word count or character count.
  • Task feed: The task feed distributes the work assigning tasks based on user level, role, preferences and even location.
  • Workflow: Texts pass through a standard workflow with writer -> plagarism check -> editor -> publisher -> website assuring quality.
  • Negative terminology: Compliance related terminology is set on the domain level.
  • Crowd: Finally, but most important. The 25 000 strong crowd combined with an EWA and the above tools makes any size of task possible.

Interview with one of the best affiliates in the Nordics…

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Frequently asked questions

An EWA has worked on an average of 40 different projects in order to reach level 15 and earn 610 points so it is safe to do that they can write any type of text. That said almost all of our writers have “their thing” and we make sure to match them with the right clients and projects.

Almost all agencies have the need to provide samples for the clients, samples are written offline at the same cost as a normal text in Wordapp and part of your monthly retainer. If you get the order, the EWA builds a template and you can start scaling.

Most definitely! Wordapp.com is built for exactly that purpose and as you can see in the website manager, we even track when the website was last updated through our plugin. You simply decide on the different lengths of the content and the frequency, the EWA will handle the rest and you can track it from website manager, for free.

We do that too, frankly anything WordPress related is our passion. Among other things our plugin sends content seamlessly, allows for one-click-login and bulk updates of scripts like Google Analytics etc.

Building and upgrading WordPress sites, along with lead generation websites is a separate package from our normal packages. Read more in our price list.

We don’t offer free trials, however we offer a trial month, where you get to try the content writing service and interact with your EWA. After that the subscription runs 3 months at a time.

Well, stated that you have planned it with your EWA, you can easily produce your minimum (8.000 words) one month, blitzscale to 200.000 words the next and then down again to 8.000 words. This is the beauty of the Wordapp.com platform.