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Three order sheet productivity hacks

Just a quick post from our meeting room! Today we are having our Wordapp Masterclass with a couple of Maltese companies and so far everyone is very excited to learn how to become even more productive with Wordapp.

I just wanted to take a quick minute and share three formula’s I often use the in my order sheet to speed things up. If you have no idea what an ‘order sheet’ is, you should probably register for the Masterclass.

To use these hacks you need to be a bit familiar with Excel/Google Sheet formulas. For some Google Sheets languages (e.g. Swedish) you have to update the comma (,) with a semicolumn (;).

1) Source URL as Google Search query

Instead of finding source URL’s for each and every text, if the Google Search results are enough you can link directly to them. Just make sure you give enough search parameters to ensure the writer finds the correct page.

Example Formula, where E4 is the focus keyword and F4 additional information to find the correct game:

="http://www.google.com/search?q="&E4&" "&F4&" "&" slot review"

2) Using Google’s autosuggest to find longtail keywords

Using Google’s autosuggest it is very easy to find longtail keywords for your text. I highly advise to collect a couple of keywords in a ‘select keyword’ rule so that you still give the writer an option to choose (some of the suggestions from Google will not be relevant). Make sure you have at least 10 empty columns, otherwise the formula won’t work. You can simply copy/paste values and remove the columns you don’t want.

Example Formula, where A4 is the focus keyword:


3) Use RANDBETWEEN to randomly select schedule dates for WordPress posts

One of the powers of the Wordapp order sheet combined with the Wordapp WordPress plugin is that you can schedule posts to be automatically published in the future. Of course, we want this to be random, but we don’t want to spend time on setting this up.

Example Formula, first setting date boundaries and then time boundaries.



Hope this has been helpful for you guys! If you want to learn more about using Wordapp to make your in-house team 2x more productive or become 10x more productive with the crowd sign up for one of our Wordapp Masterclasses (limited availability).



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